Is the Church now tolerating Freemasonry?


According to Quaesitum est



It has been asked whether there has been any change in the Church’s decision in regard to Masonic associations since the new Code of Canon Law does not mention them expressly, unlike the previous Code.

This Sacred Congregation is in a position to reply that this circumstance in due to an editorial criterion which was followed also in the case of other associations likewise unmentioned inasmuch as they are contained in wider categories.

Therefore the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden. The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.

It is not within the competence of local ecclesiastical authorities to give a judgment on the nature of Masonic associations which would imply a derogation from what has been decided above, and this in line with the Declaration of this Sacred Congregation issued on 17 February 1981 (cf. AAS 73 1981 pp. 240-241; English language edition of L’Osservatore Romano, 9 March 1981).

In an audience granted to the undersigned Cardinal Prefect, the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II approved and ordered the publication of this Declaration which had been decided in an ordinary meeting of this Sacred Congregation.

Rome, from the Office of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 26 November 1983.

Joseph Cardinal RATZINGER

  • Fr. Jerome Hamer, O.P.
    Titular Archbishop of Lorium

There are many obvious personalities that are Catholics and also are masons. Just like Tony Blair…

Is the Church now tolerating Freemasonry?
Or I just misunderstood something?


Please substantiate your claim that Tony Blair and other “obvious personalities” are Masons.

Until you do, this is just another conspiracy theory.


Forget about Tony Blair, I just read something about him and so I just made him an example.

Whether he’s a mason or not, what I still want to know is “is the Church now tolerating Freemasonry”?

I notice that there are a bunch of masons now in our place and they’re not somewhat like secret anymore.

Of course, I only knew things about this group from books, magazines and the Internet. Some of them maybe unreliable, but why would the Church release such statement if there’s nothing wrong behind?

I’m only curious that’s why I’m asking. :smiley:
I started wondering about this group when several cars in our place caught my attention with 2 arrows-like logos, 1 pointing up and the other down with a letter ‘G’ in the middle… :shrug:

just curious…


I know of no change, the issue is the Church found Free Masons to be a religion and thus banned Catholics from these activities, however many Free Mason do not consider their activities as religious in any manner. Currently the ban is still in affect


Well, he’s not an example because he’s not a Mason.

No. Catholics cannot be Masons.

If by “our place” you mean your parish, then it is likely you have some parishioners who do not know the history or philosophy of the Masons or that it is a prohibited organization.


I have noticed in the death notices in the newspaper that there were Catholic men who were Masons. They had a Masonic service and a Catholic funeral. These were not any men I knew, nor were they from my parish. Is it acceptable for a man who had been a Mason to be given a Catholic funeral? Should the bishop or some other Church authority be contacted if the death notice mentions a Masonic service and a Catholic funeral?


if you want to read some interesting info on masons & Catholic Church go to And look on sidebar for freemasons.From what I understand freemason is thier own religion.altho I haven’t spent much time looking at it


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