Is the Church's Pro-Life mission a subset of its Social Justice mission?

I wonder about this, because both the Social Justice mission and the Pro-Life mission are not directly about helping individual souls attain eternal life in Heaven. Both are about justice and decency in this world. Both concern the material conditions of human life in this world.

Pro-Life always a life or death situation. Yet, in poorer nations, Social Justice also sometimes a matter of life and death too (due to lack of food, lack of medical care, civil wars breaking out over government oppression, etc.)

Or, maybe the Catholic Church’s Social Justice mission is a sub-set of its Pro-Life mission?

It seems like liberal-bent Catholics focus on Social Justice, and conservative-bent Catholics focus on Pro-Life. Maybe if these two were merged, the liberal-conservative divide in the Church would be healed?

rather the other way around, the church’s social justice mission is a subset of its pro-life commitment. Unless the right to life is guaranteed there is not way a society has grounds to protect any other subsidiary rights. This also btw is the framework for the rights guaranteed in the US Constitution although there are not 10 politicians in the country who know those (most of whom obviously have never seen this document.)

I think you’re on to something. I have never understood why some see social justice and pro-life issues as though they are separate entities and never the twain shall meet. The right to life is the fundamental social justice issue upon which all others are based and find meaning.

Not so fast, there is enough pro choice Catholics to embarrass us all.

And those people need to be gently catechized. It can work wonders (as someone who used to consider myself pro-choice, I can personally attest to that.)

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