Is the Communion of Saints just the members of the Catholic Church (Living, in Purgatory, & in Heaven)?


Is the Communion of Saints just the members of the Catholic Church (Living, in Purgatory, & in Heaven)?

If so, then why do Methodists and other non-Catholics believe in the Communion of Saints?


It is my impression that the Communion of Saints is not limited to those who would check the box marked “Catholic” if presented with a census survery.


I don’t think so,on all saints day we celebrate all of the saints in heaven, and I am very certain there are many different denominations and religions up there…


Once they get to Heaven, they will have become members of the Catholic Church - that is to say, the Church that Christ established, that gets us to Heaven. :wink:


Once we get to heaven, I have heard ,it will be a real eye opener and mouth shutter


The communion of Saints has 3 parts…
**The Church Triumphant…**those in heaven
**The Church Suffering…**those in purgatory being cleansed
**The Church Militant…**us here on earth still fighting for our salvation

There is nothing about denominations here…


I think you are right in there, BlestOne, because the term “communion of saints” is a catholic teaching and besides that, I’ve not heard of any denom proclaiming their saintly apparitions of their kind, have you?


That’s a really good point. I hadn’t thought of it from that perspective before. :slight_smile:


From a Catholic point of view one cannot say that the Communion of Saints is only made up of members of the Catholic Church. Just as we cannot assume that Catholics will automatically be admitted to heaven, we cannot assume that all non-Catholics are automatically barred from heaven. As jmcrae said earlier, those in heaven, even though they may have been of a non-Catholic denomination on earth, are now part of the one Church of Christ: they are saints. However, non-Catholic denominations which do not profess a belief in purgatory cannot understand the Communion of Saints as the Catholic Church does. As BlestOne pointed out, there are 3 parts to the Communion of Saints - it’s a difficult concept for Catholics to grasp, but it is impossible for a denomination to grasp it at all if they don’t believe in purgatory or in our ability to unite in prayer with the saints in heaven in praise of God, in prayer for ourselves on earth, or in prayer for the souls in purgatory.


Yes, jmcrae, I’ve been wondering why only the catholic’s saints were having apparitions to people whom they would like to appear and many writers have been making books about it, although I’ve not read it yet. :smiley: The very common I’ve heard from readers was that of a certain Dominique Savio, a catholic who had been dead for quite a time but made an apparition to one of his friends.
What makes me wonder is that query that I’ve not heard or seen any books telling about the apparitions of the other denominations. I suppose I am wrong about that.
Maybe some people on this thread can give light to this, I hope?


Well, the first reason would be that the Protestant in question would assume he was being visited by a demon, since Protestants don’t believe in Saints.

But it could be that the reason they don’t believe in Saints is because they have never been visited by Saints, and the reason they are never visited by Saints is that they have no Saints by whom to be visited. :shrug:


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