Is the concept of Jesus important or the name?

Throughout Scripture we are told of the importance of the Holy Name of Jesus. In His Name we can heal the sick, and so forth. If the actual name is important, why do we use a Greek version “Jee’ zuss” rather than the more likely name he was called by in Aramaic “Ya ah’ shu a”? Is the actual written or spoken version of His Name important, or simply the concept of Him as the Son of God when we call on Him or do things in His name?

Its not simply the literal name that is important but the person it is connected to. Names and words that refer to God and holy things should be respected.

As the Catechism notes:

2143 Among all the words of Revelation, there is one which is unique: the revealed name of God. God confides his name to those who believe in him; he reveals himself to them in his personal mystery. the gift of a name belongs to the order of trust and intimacy. “The Lord’s name is holy.” For this reason man must not abuse it. He must keep it in mind in silent, loving adoration. He will not introduce it into his own speech except to bless, praise, and glorify it.

2144 Respect for his name is an expression of the respect owed to the mystery of God himself and to the whole sacred reality it evokes.

2146 The second commandment forbids the abuse of God’s name, i.e., every improper use of the names of God, Jesus Christ, but also of the Virgin Mary and all the saints.

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