Is the coronavirus China's revenge on Trump?

By Cliff Kincaid

March 4, 2020

In his 1968 non-fiction blockbuster, The Biological Time Bomb, Gordon Rattray Taylor wrote about the prospect of germ warfare in the context of “undeclared war.” He explained, “In current thinking the best way to wage war is to wage it without your enemy even being aware that it is happening.” He was predicting the use of infectious diseases to cripple a nation.

The current war, however, is out in the open.

Looking at the economic damage being inflicted on the United States and the world, one cannot dismiss the possibility that the rapidly-spreading coronavirus is China’s revenge on America for President Trump’s trade war. The virus has the potential impact to cause a major economic recession and sabotage President Trump’s reelection effort. Health emergencies are being declared around the country as the number of coronavirus cases increase. The interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve is an indication of desperation.

Posting, I may not agree with the whole precept here; but I think it is worth pondering that this whole “Coronavirus” scare, phenomenon is just plain weird and fishy.

Yes, I don’t care if it sounds crazy, there is room for me at least, to ponder if this is something beyond some “bug” that got out of hand,.

It’s an interesting theory but China has really shot its own foot if this was its plan. The economic effects on its own nation combined with the death toll would seem to make this kind of plan really foolish.


I agree with that.

But at the same time, I thought of that, China’s authoritarian government has quite a long history of some very brutal acts; I mean, unconscionable. Placing these Uighur Muslims in camps and so on to their famines many years ago during the Communist Revolution. Totalitarian government.

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I certainly don’t place any trust in China either.


Not sure that Coronavirus is China’s revenge on Trump, but it makes me wonder if Trump is Russia’s revenge on us!

I don’t think the aim is specifically Trump or even think it is intentional though possible.

I do think, there’s quite a bit to question about how this all has come about and I do think the virus could be weaponized.

I think millions of babies would disagree with you. What did they ever do to Democrats? Is this the Democrats revenge on the most helpless and innocent?


…thought all along. If the global agenda wanted to black ball someone out of the upcoming election…the pool of people voting would need to change. The virus appeared when it was apparent that President Trump would not be impeached.

I don’t think so.

I wonder why you seem think that the death of 1 million babies is the responsibility of Democrats. What is the logic?

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Then I am most certainly correct.

Could you elaborate? I don’t really understand what your point is. The coronavirus isn’t only targeting specific voters.

It also just isn’t very deadly. A real bioweapon would be much worse.

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No, what you are demonstrating is the dangers of the internet. Again, with the internet come good things like commerce and connectivity, but bad things also come like conspiracy theories based on irrational fears.

Whoever the guy is who wrote the article, check his credentials or his authority to speak on the subject. Check what his professional experience is and his education level. Check his agenda, clearly he supports Trump and wants to lay the blame of impending economic troubles on a plot from China. It could just be the market has been volatile since the Y2K recession.

So,again, anyone can write anything on the internet. Fine, it doesn’t mean it has merit.

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Someday someone will take the time to explain why Trump is a DIRECT INTENDED VICTIM of everything that ever happened.


Also, to think that China releasing a plague on the world would be done to hurt America. How arrogant!

I’m not against conspiracy theories. Undoubtedly lots of horrific stuff is done by governments without the public knowing. This is dumb though.

Not sure what one has to do with the other

That’s one explanation or excuse but I happen to know who the author is, he’s a long time anti-Communist, guess what? China is communist. So, while your tact was to attack the messenger, that pawns out to being a rather shallow argument. As they say, “address the message, not the messenger”.

So communism is economically successful after all.

For the record, NY Times, Washington Post and now CNN are all being sued for the smear about Putin. And if we see those companies lose over this and lose large sums of money, we will see what that smear is worth along with it being applied in the past to Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul. When you don’t have anything to offer, people will result to smears, libel, slander.

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