Is the creation of man a finished thing or is our creation still in process?

I know the “work” of God in creating us is finished. The work of God in creating the universe is also finished but the universe is still expanding. More universe today than yesterday so in that sense, I’d say the universe is still being created, even though God’s not “working” on it anymore.

Is man still being created also? Not in a physically evolutionary sense but in a growing Spiritual and moral sense? I think slowly but surely, in a two steps forward and one step backward kind of way, we are an improving species. We try to be more moral and screw it up a lot but over thousands of years, we make progress, which makes us different than a thousand years ago. I also think the moral/Spiritual side of man is the side that counts more than the physical side. Being different than we were a thousand years ago could mean our creation wasn’t finished back then and still isn’t finished now.

I am pretty sure it is finished. We are just waiting for the fullness of the number of martyrs for the faith.

People are probably not much different than they were 1000 years ago though education is now available to most.It used to be only the upper class and elite who were taught to read and write.

I think we’re more moral. I wasn’t talking about more educated, although more people reading the Bible could lead to greater morality so that may have something to do with it.

I think we try to be better and with God’s help, we get there, albeit in a clumsy stumbling kind of way.

One example is slavery becoming the seldom exception rather than the norm. I think we could come up with lots examples. We may be way to cynical of ourselves.

In a general sense.

God created man perfect “very good”. Our creation was done without improvement.

After that we fell from grace. Corrupted by sin and filled with selfishness.

From this fallen state we journey. We long in our nature for the garden and we journey spiritually toward the garden where we were perfect and were in communion with God.

Gods revelation to man over time culminating in Christ has helped our journey. It has improved our morals.

This has been primarily in the Christian world. You cite slavery as an example but this is not a universal. Look at ISIS for example. Or the sex slaves of the south East Asian countries.

So mankind without Gods revelation of some kind (noting there may even be pieces in other religions) really is no better or even worse off than ever.

Fr. de Chardin in “The Phenomenon of Man” developed the idea of an evolution of consciousness into a cosmic framework of all men developed to the extreme. This has been described as bad poetic science and some of his thoughts brought criticism from the Church. There may be some truth to the development of mind as our physical evolution in the Darwinian sense has finished as we allow our weak and defective to continue to breed.
However, as for morality, I have seen no difference or lessening in the evil of the world. The experiments of the nazi are being echoed in the acts of Planned Parenthood as we speak. The Middle East is as it was 100 years ago. Our legal system may be more civilized and our governments are more aligned to the welfare of the people but our wars are worse.

The best lack all conviction, whilst the worst are full of passionate intensity.

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Interesting question! Here are just some thoughts…

I Imagine God at the exact center of a Ferris wheel: as we move along the wheel of time, he views all from a fixed vantage point. From our point of view there is up and down, before and after, beginning and end. He however comprehends all of time at once, while not subject to it.

This question is viewing creation from our point of view. While we draw blueprints, dig, lay foundations, put up walls, plumbing, wiring, and furnishings, God says “house”, and it is, even if it appears to us to unfold step by step. His work is instantaneous and complete, very much like a sudden moment of inspiration, although instead of suddenly coming up with a mere idea, he works wonders beyond imagining!

Some philosophers believe that in one single act called “creation”, God not only brought into being the universe and organized her galaxies, prepared in our solar system a hospitable planet, introduced life and sense and thought through his direct action or through other natural forces under his omnipotent providence, but also guides (guided) humanity to her final end - the life of fulfillment, beauty, goodness and truth we all crave. Although we watch the plan unfold, God has already completed his work and gazes upon the beginning and the end.

Creation is not complete from our point of view until we have reached our fulfillment, until sadness, ignorance, evil, and pain are erased. But that single act of creation stretching from the beginning to the end of time is already complete from God’s perspective.

Another example is the frequency of homicide, which I’ve read was far higher in every era in the past.

Well, it may take longer than 1000 years for major noticeable changes to happen, but it all depends on conditions on earth, if they change, people will adapt eventually, but it takes many many years for this to happen.

We already know for a fact animal species change over time to adapt, we are no different biologically.

I dont know if its related or not, but in my opinion, todays young people, kids in general do not seem to be as resourceful or smart as past generations, the slightest problem and it throws them completely off track, but this may be due to the times we are living in too, They may be good at computers and similar technology, but I remember many kids I went to middle school with that were great at using the typewriter, however as computers came along, they were not that great with them, so its common sense, kids today may be excelling at computers, but when they get older, its highly likely technology will have drastically changed again, just as it did when we made the jump to computers, so whatever is coming next, maybe they wont be great at using that.

Until we all have perfected and everlasting bodies, yeah, we are still in progress.


I know we can keep coming up with things. I think there is a greater sense of charitable giving just from the 60’s and 70’s when I was a kid.

We could go on.

This is a very well thought out post.
Creation is complete,yet we wait for the end of this wicked system and the fulfillment of God’s plan which will not be realized until after the final judgment. The heavens will roll up like a scroll and the earth will be reborn in perfection just as we receive new glorified bodies!

It doesn’t look like we are more moral. Abortion in the millions and by the law funded by taxpayers money. Unnatural unions between same sex. Child sex, child pornography, drugs and substance abuse, starting with pot and soon various hybrids or gene modified versions. Divorces and unrestrained sex, natural or unnatural, human/non human/related parties are not good indicators of an increasing high moral society.

One example is slavery becoming the seldom exception rather than the norm. I think we could come up with lots examples. We may be way to cynical of ourselves.

We are slaves alright, of a different sort. Slaves to self rather than to God. Slave to money, power, self-importance, reputation and it all revolves around self “actualization” i.e. what is right for me.


The “slavery to self” thing is really, massively overused. You can’t compare folks being selfish (which is, after all, natural) to people treating their fellowmen as property, backed by the civil society. I’d say that getting rid of THAT was a giant step upward.


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