Is the Crystal Cathedral the first Catholic Cathedral, or even Church, to have originally been built by Protestants?

It’s an impressive architectural building on a grand scale, and certainly worthy to be called a Cathedral from the design perspective. But it’s an odd choice for the Church given it’s high profile as the home of “Hour Of Power”(which I personally enjoyed occasionally) and strong historical association with Protestantism.

Which brings me to my question… Is this the first time a Catholic Cathedral has been procured from a Protestant Church? And is this the first time ever that a Church has been procured?

I’ve always thought it was perhaps the most impressive architectural Protestant church ever, so I don’t disagree with the purchase, but I find it a fascinating choice for a “New” Cathedral, because it was historically Protestant.

I wonder if the usual Cathedral tours and such things will be obligated to teach about it’s “Hour of Power” history and evangelical origins.

The Crystal Cathedral was in the Reformed Church that teaches the ecumenical creeds; historic Protestantism.

I recall reading about a Catholic cathedral that became Lutheran at the Reformation and recently reclaimed Catholic.

It’s certainly not the first time a Church has been procured - one of the Churches I grew up attending was a former Methodist Chapel which was sold to the diocese as the Methodist populace it served had largely disappeared over the years due to demographic changes. Due to the oddities of history in the British isles, Catholic Churches that were once Protestant are not uncommon in some places here. Also this goes further and the Catholic near where my mother was born in Ireland is very likely to be sold at some point soon to the growing Russian Orthodox community in that part of Ireland - not surprisingly as more of them turn up of a Sunday morning than our lot.

Yes, the crystal cathedral. What a great use of money that is.

I just can not like that building.

Don’t know, but we’ve done it with mausolea, mosques, and mines.

One of the original Anglican Use parishes was established in my area in a former Southern Baptist church.


Well, considering that building a new cathedral would have cost in the neighborhood of $100 million, and the diocese purchased the crystal cathedral for $57.5 million, I’d say it was a good use of money. Unless you’re just saying it was a waste to build it in the first place, then that I have no comment on.

Even before I became very serious about the Faith, I knew what the Crystal Cathedral was. I think it will serve nicely as a Catholic Church. On that note, I look forward to the day when the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City is procured for use by the Diocese of Salt Lake City. :smiley:

I really don’t think that would work. Mormon temples have no large nave/worship space. They are divided into a lot of small rooms used for different purposes.

Well they may have saved a lot of money but I still think it is awful looking.

“Is this the first time a Catholic Cathedral has been procured from a Protestant Church?”

Not at all

With that said, I find the Crystal Cathedral hideous.

We should sell it or turn it into a convention center

That’s my opinion though…

Agreed. At least the older temples (ive been thru all the older ones in UT)

Have no idea about newer ones since they endowment sessions stay in one room with the celestial room being fed by the endowment rooms.

They are nothing like a church in function or structure.

I agree it is absolutely hideous.

I like the way the Salt Lake Temple looks from the outside. I think a massive renovation and re-structuring could remedy the lack of nave/worship space.

I am also an electrician… so if the Diocese of Salt Lake ever procured it; I would travel there and donate my services for the renovation for free.

oh that’s really nice.

Interesting. Do you have a link, perhaps?

I’ll look it up. If my memory is correct, this development occurred in the Baltics and had something to do with the events of World War II and the subsequent Soviet repression of Christianity.

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