Is the demeanor/behavior different at Mass in nonWestern Cultures?

I’ve read that in some nonWestern cultures, there is a more relaxed atmosphere, esp. in regard to children. Specifically, I recall that in this particular article, it said that children were welcome to move about the church and to be more “noisy.” than in Masses in the U.S. and in other Western nations.

For anyone who has experience, is this true?

And, in what other ways are there differences–more/less participation in singing, less social talking/more social talking? I’m curious.

As for myself, I’ve attended most of my Masses within a 30 mi radius of where I live. I’ve barely travelled at…so, I have no knowledge.

My Puerto Rican friend told me that in Puerto Rico, there is a lot more singing, with guitars, and that it is very lively.

She also said that when they go forward for Holy Communion, they don’t wait quietly in line, but instead, run up to the front and press forward in eagerness. She thought it was very strange when she first saw how quietly everyone in the U.S. waited their turn. We should be more excited–after all, we are about to receive the Lord Jesus Himself!

But remember, the Bible says to have all things done in a decent and orderly mannery.

Attending Mass in a more Hispanic culture, there is definitely more tolerance for some background noise, motion of children, etc. And the orderliness is a little different, too - it’s more customary to approach when moved by the spirit to do so, not necessarily when the usher reaches your aisle.

Attending the Liturgy with Lebanese, there is also more tolerance for the normal noise of childhood…the architecture of Maronite churches seems to absorb more noise, too, rather than reverberate it. This tolerance and the outward expressions of joy and welcome at seeing children present is much of what drew me to the Maronites!!

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