Is the desire for children in marriage necessary for validity?


I am a woman who will be convalidating my marriage in the Catholic church. My husband never wanted kids. I have children from a previous marriage. My current spouse and I have been married several years. As I understand it, a Catholic marriage is not valid unless there is openness to procreation. While my husband does not want children and I am unwilling at this point in my life to become pregant (I’m in my 50’s but not menopausal yet) will this convalidation be valid??


Dear Estella,

Even though the Church does not consider children incidental to marriage, it does not require the desire for children for the marriage to be valid. The marriage IS valid even if the couple is not open to having children. In the marriage rite the priest has the option of not mentioning the pro-creation of children. So you need not be concerned over matters of validity.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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