Is the Devil after me?

Hello everyone.

I have been very worried lately. Every day I take my dog out for a walk and as I am walking down the street, one particular street light turns off as I walk by it and turns back on after I pass it. This has been happening for about a week. Is this the devil or a demon? please help me and pray for me. Do you have any scientific explanations for this that doesn’t have anything to do with ghosts or demons?
Thank You

That sounds like a faulty street light and not a demon.

Most street lights today are required by the city to have “light and dark” reflectors so they turn on during dark, rainy days. These sensors are often tripped by cars or people who manage to “reflect” the street light’s own light back into the sensor which temporarily turns the light off.

My brother had an old Honda that tricked EVERY street light in our rural area. Always went out as he drove under. My dad’s Chevy truck, however, did not. Nor did my mom’s chevy sedan. They were all the same color.

There’s some random science behind it…there’s also many other scientific reasons.

Do not be afraid. You might want to seek help for such thoughts if they are continually overwhelming you.

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Thank you Xanthippe_Voorhees. This has calmed me more.

So just to confirm it is a faulty light I conducted a little experiment. I walked by the light again and it turned on and off as expected. However the next few times, instead of walking by the light I watched it from a distance and it still blinked on and off. Also no one was walking by it so it can be confirmed that it is just a faulty light that blinks on and off. I thank god that nothing is after me.

Or you could look at it differently

You are such a glowing light that the sensor turns off the streetlight when you pass underneath. :neutral_face:

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