Is the devil against solipsism?

Solipsism is the belief that a person’s first-person perceptive is the only reality in the world. They are the only living being and everything else is just an illusion formed by the person.

…Now one of the Satanic religion commandments is to avoid this line of thinking.

Since the Satanists condemn this belief does that mean the devil does too and will discourage solipsism for people?

…or does the devil have a “by any means necessary” type of principle to try to destroy people at any cost?

We have not been on speaking terms since that unpleasantness with Jesus, but hay, sometimes someone has to get hurt in a relationship.Talk about jealousy and bad tempers!

So unfortunately you will have to ask him yourself, but it sounds like a similar dummy spit about being left out of the party. Not that being the only thing in your experience can be much fun, again you would have to look for an answer to that question nearer to Hollywood.

One has to distinguish between Atheistic Satanism, which focuses on self and hedonism, and Supernatural Satanism, which acknowledges the existence of a literal Satan and is focused on his actual worship and service. What you are referring to in your post OP, is atheistic Satanism, which rejects the philosophical notion of Solipsism.

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