Is the devil dumb?

I ask this because why did he not try to stop the cross from happening? I mean if he was smart he would have figured out it would be the ruin of him and his demons for all eternity and he would loose many souls because Christ saved them through the cross. So why did he attack him and bruise him, etc. Why didnt he just try to stop the cross?

God wouldn’t allow him to stop the Cross.

Satan is always in a rage.

The devil knows only what God allows him to know and God may have not revealed his plan to the devil.

That said, I wouldn’t presume to call the devil “dumb”. His faculties and intellect are still angelic, and that makes his power and temptation an extremely real and potent danger. The only reason we can be safe from him is because God is on our side. On our own, we cannot stand up against the devil.

Well another way at looking this is the devil did try to 'stop the cross"

He even met Jesus face to face in the desert after his baptism and tempted him three times, the devil was intent on destroying the mission of the one whom sent him.

Christ showed when he was tempted that the devil had no power over him even to the cross.

The devil can’t help but want Jesus dead, and to destroy what is good, so he was helplessSatan couldn’t resist having Jesus crucified and have god forsaken him, he couldn’t tempt Jesus to come down from the cross.

Make no mistake.

The Devil was formerly Lucifer…one of the most brilliant angels.
He’s smart.

We need to be constantly on guard.

Absolutely, stay close to Jesus, we can be attacked we need god’s power, we don’t have strength of Jesus to resist all that Jesus managed to the cross but through Jesus we can be shielded from the devil. Because we are redeemed and can be saved the devil is always on the prowl.

Satan is extremely intelligent but the cross, the effects of it and everything that was to come was kept from him by God.

In fact if it wasn’t for Jesus, Mary, all the Saints and Angels we would stand absolutely no chance against him…

Pope Francis says dont dialogue with the devil. Don’t think about him, dont discuss him. Just ignore his shite.

We have authority over the devil in the name of Jesus.

We copy Jesus and say begone satan in the name of Jesus.

Then we get on with life. And go to Confession regularily!

But we members of the laity are warned not to directly confront the demonic.powers.

An article in the National Catholic Register a couple of months back:

The warning to us is near the end, but the whole article is sobering. :shrug:

Nope , that’s the job of the Exorcist. But we have the authority to say begone satan , in the name of Jesus, out of our life. Look at Padre Pio. He said this daily. He ignored all the shite that satan threw at him. Padre Pio knew he had that authority. He did not dialogue with the devil.

Look at the example of Jesus, he threw demons out of people and kept telling them to be quiet. He did not talk to them.

When Jesus encountered satan in the desert, Jesus only reply to the temptations was to quote verses in the Old Testament relating to God.
Nothing more.

Or that meeting where Jesus asked Satan where he had been, and Satan replied “I have been coming and going from the earth”.

Have to remember God is the one who allows satan/demons to do everything.

Which bible verse is that? I haven’t come across it yet🌈

Yes , the evil one tempts us daily. Jesus prayed to God, as one of His last acts before His Passion, that God would keep Jesus’s chosen safe from the evil one

John Chapter 17 Jesus says the evil one is already condemned. And Jesus goes on praying to His Father for His Chosen.

John 17:15
17:15 I am not asking you to remove them from the world, but to protect them from the Evil One.

I wouldn’t say that, lest you be deceived. God is sovereign. He has and always will have the ultimate power.

The Lord said to Satan, ‘Where have you come from?’ Satan answered the Lord, ‘From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking up and down on it.’


How did the cross ruin the devil exactly?

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