Is the Devil every where, or is only God omnipresent?


I was just thinking that since both God and the Devil are spirits, they have to be everywhere, right? Correct me if I’m wrong! God bless!


God created the devil as an angel originally. The devil is a created creature who rejected God. We are created creatures too. God is the Creator.


Angels - are not - God.

God IS God.
Angels…are just angels.


Remember God created Angels, the fallen ones with Satan as their leader were created by God, no one is His equal…You asked if the Devil could be everywhere, well there is evil all over the world so i would think that the evil one as well as his followers “prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls” [ from the prayer to St.Michael the Archangel ] God bless


God bless…



Only God is Omnipresent (existing everywhere and in time and outside o time).

The angels, which Satan was a part of, are spiritual beings who are beyond temporal limitations (they can travel faster than light, and exist beyond our other physical limitations).

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Well, I guess it depends on what is meant by “everywhere” — for both God and finite spirits. Neither exists in place as you and I do (“in space”) for there is no extension with either.

Spirits are not some ghostly substance as popularly imagined. That would still be a physical reality.

So the question is a good one, because it seems like an angel (or devil) is both everywhere and nowhere, in difference senses.

Does the question “Where is St. Michael the Archangel right now?” even make sense? I’m not sure if it does.

It’s like asking “What does the color red smell like?”


@thecatholicguy: The devil is not and never has been omnipresent.
Being a spirit does not make one omnipresent. God, and only God, is omnipresent.


The premise of this argument is that it would make angels (Creatures) omnipresent. This, by default, would mean that Satan is everywhere all of the time–making him, in effect, omniscient since he would know all things all the time.

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Au contraire. :wink:

Since both God and the devil are spiritual (not material), they have to be nowhere, strictly speaking. They do not exist in a particular place nor in a particular time.

God, however, as the Creator of all, really does imbue His spirit in His creation. Not so much, though, the devil. :wink:


I was getting at the point that even most people don’t really understand what they’re saying when they say God is “omnipresent.” He has no physical extension.


I concur with you that God and other spiritual beings are not limited to the confines of the temporal; however, being spirit does not mean that it occupies everything simultaneously (omnipresent) only that it does not have a particular form that fits the temporal paradigm.

Remember Jesus’ temptation? The Holy Spirit accompanied Jesus to the desert where Satan would meet Him. Satan began, as with Eve, by offering God’s Word, in a twist:
‘Hey, why don’t you convert these stones to bread?’ ’
Jesus had been fasting for forty days–Satan shows up to tempt Him…

Satan was not present during the fasting.

After failing with this, he uses spiritual powers to move from the desert to the Temple’s apex: ‘jump, jump, jump… if you are Who you claim, God will send His angels to serve you, wouldn’t He? Com’n jump!’

Finally, the very high mountain and all the kingdoms of the world…
‘worship/adore me, and I’ll give them to you!’

It shows that the spirit has powers beyond our comprehension… it does not show that the spirit is everywhere.

God, on the other hand is not limited to being Spirit; He is Omnipotent and Omnipresent being able to occupy both the spiritual realm and the temporal simultaneously.

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