Is the Divine Office standardized?

Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours)----is it standardized the way the Mass readings are, i.e. the same the world over at any given Mass? I think not. Different monasteries use different Psalms and prayers on any given day for Morning Prayer, Evening, Compline etc. But I am still getting conflicting information from several sources about this.
I know that prayers are said, Psalms are prayed, hymns are sung, several times a day, both in and out of monasteries, by priests and monks, and the laity who wish to observe the LOH----and the day’s prayers seem to vary from place to place. Thanks in advance.
I had thought they were like Mass readings, the same in Salt Lake City on a Sunday, as well as any other area of the country.


In the Roman Rite, the Liturgy of the Hours is quite standard. In some places such as the European English speaking countries, the translations of the canticles and readings differ from those used in the U.S.

Most monasteries use a longer psalter (more psalms) and arrange psalms, etc. differently by permission of the Holy See.

With the Dominican Order to which I belong, (we are not monks, although we live a monastic styled life and chant the Hours) the psalm tones may differ from place to place, but the Hours themselves are the same around the world.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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