Is the doctrine of limbo going to be done away with?


I’m a Catholic who tries to learn more about her faith at every opportunity. Could you please clear this up for me? A Protestant told me that the Pope might do away with the “doctrine” of limbo of the children, and even showed me the website. (It’s a website on Fatima.) I know that doctrines cannot be changed. Was this website misinformed or did they use the wrong word? They called it the Catholic doctrine of limbo. Please clarify this for me. Is the limbo of the children really a doctrine?


No, the limbo of the children is not a doctrine. It is a theological speculation that has been used to reconcile the doctrines that humans must be in a state of grace to enter heaven and that baptism is the normative means by which humans initially enter the state of grace. Because it is a theological speculation, it can be modified, refined, changed, or dropped altogether.

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