Is the Eucharist conscious?

So after consecration, does the full Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of the entire incarnation also have the consciousness of God? In other words, is it like Christ is looking at you and merely choosing not to speak with his substantial lips from even the smallest fragment or partical? Is the Eucharist conscious?

Dear Z,

Is Jesus conscious? The Eucharist is Jesus. Your question makes the Eucharist sound separate from Him as if it were a little Jesus by itself. We avoid saying that He is physically present in the Eucharist (even though the Eucharist is physical) because He is not present there in the same way He was present as He walked the earth. He is sacramentally present under the form of bread and wine, not in the form of a human body. So we don’t receive a finger or some other part of His body.

Since He is present under the form of bread, if a particle is too small to be identified as a piece of bread, then it is no longer the Eucharist.

Jesus is God. As God He is all-knowing and spiritually present everywhere. In the Eucharist we are made aware of Him under the sacramental form of bread and wine. When we look at the Eucharist, we are made physically aware of His presence. He is always aware of ours.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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