Is the Eucharist consecrated in the Episcopal Church?

Is the Eucharist consecrated at the Episcopal Service and can a Catholic receive a Eucharist at an Episcopal Service? If the apostolic succession has been broken since the Episcopalians have no tie to the Pope then how can an Episcopalian priest be ordained and without ordination how can their Eucharist be consecrated?

The wording during their service is close to but not the same as the wording during the Catholic Mass. But without ordination or succession… I am also unsure of the Episcopalian’s belief in the actual Presence of Our Lord in their Eucharist. Do they also believe in His actual Presence as we (Catholics) do?

Thank you for your reply. May God bless you and Mary keep you.

Brother Mule

The question of the validity of Anglican ordination stems not from their separation from Rome but their theology of ordination. Schismatic bishops and priests continue to confect valid sacraments. However in order for a sacrament to be valid there must be valid matter, form, and intention.

In 1896 Pope Leo XIII declared in the Papal Bull Apostolicae Curae that Anglican ordinations were “absolutely null and utterly void.” The Pope determined that Anglican ordinations had defects of form and intention. The ordination prayers were considered to be missing essential elements of the Catholic theology of ordination which in turn meant that the Anglicans could not be intending to perform the sacrament as the Catholic Church understands it.

Since the Anglican ordination is invalid there are no valid priests or bishops and thus there can be no valid Eucharist. A Catholic should not receive communion at an Anglican (Episcopal) worship service.

As for the beliefs of Anglicans (Episcopalians) regarding the Eucharist, there is a wide variety of beliefs within their faith community.

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