Is the Eucharist Jesus's literal body and blood?

I am in this weird position between Protestant and Catholic. I do not fully agree with either but also agree with both. I have grown up Protestant and have recently been exploring the various Catholic doctorines. My question is this;

I understand that Catholics believe that the bread and wine presented in the Eucharist are the actual body and blood of Christ and that this miracle takes place as the father blesses the elements. I also understand that this doctorine comes from the literal understanding ofJesus’s words at the Last Supper “this IS my body, this IS my blood”. How is it that Jesus offeres his actual body and blood to his disciples? He had not yet been crucified and would be offering a scarafice that had not yet been made. Does it not make more sense that he was speaking metaphorically? I have been pointed to the verse in John 6 where people walk away from Jesus because of this “hard teaching”. The argument was made that Jesus would have been obligated to clarify what he had said if these people were simply misunderstanding. While I see the logic in that argument, there are many situations where Jesus is misunderstood, rarely does he clarify the meaning of what he has said to those the message was given to. Instead, he sometimes clarified for the 12 but not always.

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