Is the Eucharist offered under both Species in your Church?

In other threads, I’ve come across a poster that claims that the Church often denies the Chalice to the Faithful in the Eucharist.

This statement stuns me, not only because he claims only 20% of the Masses offer the Chalice, but that he sticks to his guns, no matter how many times he’s refuted.

So, I ask you. When you attend Mass at various parishes throughout your travels, how many of them offter the Eucharist in the form of the Bread AND the Cup?

Saint Luke the evangelist in Slidell, LA offers both species, as does Saint Margret Mary in Slidell.

Communion under both species is just not common in my area. I don’t know why that should stun you. It is an option, not mandatory. In many parishes around here, there are just too many attending to offer communion under both species.

In churches in my old diocese several hundred miles away, most parishes do offer communion under both species, but most people receive under only one species.

You need to be careful when talking to Old Scholar. He sometimes plays semantic games. I think he imagines himself to be a descendant of some imagined old school catholic sect that seperated or was condemned as heretical in the early centuries of the church (perhaps even a Donatist). So when he says “Catholic” he might be referring to his own cult and its own practices. :shrug:


So, I ask you. When you attend Mass at various parishes throughout your travels, how many of them offer the Eucharist in the form of the Bread AND the Cup?

Notre Dame Paris Saturday evening mass Host only
Sacre Coeur Paris (up on the hill overlooking the city) Host only
Altar of the Chair weekday evening mass St Peters Basilica Rome Host only
St John Lateran (Cathedral) Rome (Saturday evening mass) Host only
St Patrick`s Cathedral New York (several masses) Host only
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Washington DC (weekday evening) Host only.
Various churches in Japan including my home parish Host only

My parents church (in whatever country it is I come from) BOTH SPECIES :smiley: That is the only place Ive ever been where both species are always offered. Of course when I visit I always go for the Precious Blood. :thumbsup:

  1. When I was growing up, wine was not offered, so its no big deal to me

  2. Jesus is fully present under either species, so I don’t understand the big deal. I never take the wine, and frankly, I wish they didn’t offer it, because it makes the army of extraordinary ministers of the eucharist twice as big, and I already don’t like having a woman place a host on my toungue

Every Mass I’ve attended at several parishes here in Charlotte has offered communion in both species.

Indeed, I have never attended a Mass anywhere where both were not offered.

Incredibly, someone finally got him to admit that he is Missouri Synod Lutheran. I don’t understand why is was such a dance to come to admit it.

All three parishes near me offer the Chalice. Twice I have been to a Mass where I didn’t receive the Precious Blood. I attended Mass in Las Vegas and did not see where the Chalice was so I can’t say that it wasn’t offered at all, I just might have missed it being in a “strange” Church. The other time I was in a tiny parish in a tiny town in upstate NY, and they didn’t offer the Chalice, this was at the Saturday Vigil Mass. But most every other parish I’ve been to Mass in has offered the Chalice and the Host.

I can think of only one Mass I’ve been to in the past five years where only the host was offered. It was a funeral Mass with an estimated 2,000 people and it was done for purely logistical reasons.

I’m fairly certain that was the reasoning in Las Vegas, too. It was the parish on the strip and it was packed in there.

I answered “nearly 100%” but want to make some clarification.

Virtually all of the parishes I have been to in the US offer Communion under both species to the faithfull at at least some or most Masses.

Outside of the US (mostly Latin American countries) I have never seen Communion offered under both species to the faithful.

When I attend daily Mass, I rarely see Communion under both species. It is done in some parishes during the week but my home parish does not offer the cup on weekdays. When I go to daily Mass outside my home parish, it is usually the school Mass at my kids’ school and they don’t offer the cup at the kids’ Mass either.

With the Daily Masses I’d say it’s about 60-75% that do. But all of these have the Eucharist under both species in my diocese.

I’ve never had the bloood offered, but my church is jam packed at every service!

Unless I am the first at the chalice I refuse to drink from it. I just don’t think it is sanitary

Every Mass in my parish and the two nearest to it.

That would also be my thoughts, thats why I’m happy with the body :slight_smile:

                 Originally Posted by **redrosetea**                     []("")                 
             *Unless I am the first at the chalice I refuse to drink from it. I just don't think it is sanitary*

You’ve got two things protecting you. The gold chalice is not conducive to the spread of germs and the alcohol tends to contribute as well.

I can say that I’m often the Eucharistic Minister at our Daily Mass at the Cathedral and I consume the (I know the priests are supposed to do it, but I think because of health reasons, they don’t) Chalice. I am rarely, rarely sick - maybe once or twice in the last three years.

You are more likely to catch a bug from the sign of peace.
Do you not participate in that as well?

I do shake hands…

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