Is the Evil World Government ruling in the End Time congruous with Catholic View?

I’ve seen English sites that are promoting the idea that Freemason is pushing the devil’s agenda of conquering the world and pushing the entire humanity into total submission physically, economically, mentally, and spiritually.
I am a Japanese catholic and have been most of my life non-religious and this frenzy of Western media talking about the End Time is confusing.
I believe Freemason is in work within Japanese gov’t. My friend had a close counter with what I perceived to be its recruiting agent.
He talked about this strange encounter when I, him, and my friends met for drinks.
I persuaded him NOT go close to this agent and join Freemason. He wanted to know more about it. But I had some trouble explaining it.
Is the below understanding Catholic, or at least somewhat Christian?

  1. There exists Freemason which is a devil-worshiping organization.
  2. Their members work in various countries and work together to destroy the current systems and establish a new order.
  3. Their goal is establishing a World Government that aims at total control of humanity.
  4. Their real purpose is to send the entire humanity into hell by giving them “Mark Of Beast”.
  5. When they have established the evil World Government, they will try to destroy Christianity.

Other friend of mine when he heard about the above said, “it is all Western conspiracy theory.”

Nobody can send us to Hell except ourselves. Hell isn’t place where someone can send us, we alone choose it or reject it.

While Freemasons can do alot of harm, in some countries more or less, we fight against this while living on earth: flesh, world and Devil.
Sin is only thing that can separate us from God. There is no Freemason who can separate us from God. Our souls belong to God and we do not go to Hell if we do not choose it with our actions.

It seems to me that you partially mixed conspiracy theories with real (bigger /lesser) dangers of this world.


Fr. Manuel Guerra Gómez, author of “The Masonic Plot” said that the basis of Freemasonry is relativism, atheism, and gnosticism.


The Vatican has forbidden Catholics from joining the Freemasons because the group historically has been anti-Catholic and also, at the higher levels, practices some occult rituals. (The lower levels of members might never encounter the occult stuff.)

It’s not because Freemasons “worship the devil” or are founding a “World Government” or are giving out the “Mark of the Beast”.

I cannot speak to the situation of your friend because I have no idea who might have approached him, whether they were actually a Freemason, or just somebody telling some big fake story. Freemasons in the USA don’t sneak around approaching people and trying to recruit them. They have a lodge right in the middle of town and if you want to join then you just ask one of the current members about how to join. It is not secretive. It is not conspiratorial. So it may be that whoever is “recruiting” your friend is involved with something other than just Freemasonry.


The real question is who is behind the Freemasons… And if you look deeper, you can discover the real forces at play. Taylor Marshall and fellow sensationalists are, either intentionally or not, missing the mark in many ways…

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Thanks for your comment. You are right. I think I am mixing Freemason stuff with some difficult situations in Japanese politics. But there are bad rumors in the recent years on Internet and I believe at least some. Thanks for telling me that it is my action and choice that really matter in the end.


Thanks for the comment. Did the book mention about the root of Freemason? I found this site and I thought the organization was all demonic before anything else.

Thanks for your insight.

“The lower levels of members might never encounter the occult stuff.”

This is pretty revealing. So these members work for money and power?

“They have a lodge right in the middle of town and if you want to join then you just ask one of the current members about how to join.”

I’ve read that some politicians in the modern USA belong to this order. Do you believe so? Such an evil order being openly public seems your country is in moral jeopardy.

Do you know the following site? It says the secretive order is demonic in nature and working to abolish the existing systems. Do you have some insights as well?

Thanks for the comments. I’ve noticed there are some famous conspiracists in USA. There is just too much stuff. So, I came to this site in hope to hear some basic beliefs on this site.

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I’m not a conspiracy fan, and frankly I think your posts are going down some very strange rabbit hole. My advice would be for you to put this kind of stuff out of your head and focus on something productive and constructive, such as prayer and good works.

Have a blessed day.


Here is what Church says about Freemasonry and I think it is enough to know to stay away. If there weren’t Masons it would be something else…

Internet is basically ocean of bad and good informations, stick with good and move one.
There are many bloggers, yt channels and webpages with useless theories and misinformations.
If you want something that isn’t just Catholic but also speaks about things that are intriguing and always hot topic in conspiracists circles I suggest you Jimmy Akin! He explains it in right manner.


I read the interview about the book which is in Spanish. The author wrote from current practice.

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This site you’ve posted to a link to there is infamous for its anti-Catholic bigotry, I won’t even repeat some of the rubbish it says about the Church as it is incredibly vile, it makes Chick tracts look charitable.


I am going to check Mr.Akins stance as well :slight_smile:

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I will only say it is unnaproved and erroneous and his bishop do not support him.
It is against the rules of CAF to post material from unapproved private revelations.

Actually Jimmy probably says the same about his apparitions and his status.

Yeah but if his nonsense make us scared then it is useless to know plan of enemy through things which probably contain some lies…
We know enemy’s plan because Jesus told us and we know how to prepare. It is written in Bible.

Battle against Evil.

10* Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power.

11Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil.g

12For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.h

13Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground.i

14So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate,j

15and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace.k

16In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all [the] flaming arrows of the evil one.l

17And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.m

Ephesians 6,10-17

Feel free to forget those private revelations which don’t bring peace. We as Catholics are not obliged to believe in private revelations.
There is many approved ones which can motivate you for good (Fatima, Lourdes, Rue du Bac, Knock, Jesus to saint Faustina).

Be at peace :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your new Catholic faith, I hope you continue to grow in Christ.

As for your questions, I should say that the idea of an evil world-government emerging under the rule of the anti-Christ is really an evangelical idea. In Catholicism the Judgement Day is more streamlined; at a point in the future that nobody but God The Father knows, a heavenly trumpet and Christ will return. Upon His return He will resurrect every human who ever died, and will proceed to judge the living and the dead.

On the Freemasons, the reason the Catholic Church disapproves of them is not because they are demon-worshippers or practitioners of black magic. Rather it is because they are effectively a separate religion (with their own tenants, rituals, and cosmology) and because they tend to be anti-Catholic (one of their rituals involves stomping on an image of the Pope). There’s not a lot of evidence to say that they’re out to destroy the world.

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Thanks for your insight. I will be careful about the private revelations found on Internet. I deleted the posted because you told me it was against CAF policy. Also thank you for nice Bible verses!


Thanks for telling me that the world gov’t stuff is an evangelical idea and that as a Catholic I should focus more on the Judgment Day. I think Catholic stance is more healthy.


The prophetic books in the Bible particularly Revelation Ch.13 do prophesy about this end-time world government which is in control for a three and a half year period headed up by the Antichrist and the False Prophet . It uses symbolic language rather than modern day english . In Ch.13 the Beast of the Sea is referring to a opressive political world system ( think - New World Order ) and a false church ( One World Church) which opress the People of God.


That’s a Protestant (and especially Evangelical) take on the Book of Revelation, but not a Catholic one.

This very website has an article talking about the Book of Revelation, and in that article it describes it as a mistake to see the book as a description of future events. Here’s a link to the article. It’s worth remembering that the Book of Revelation was written during a period of intense persecutions of Christians in the Roman Empire - the author and his initial audience were living through a time when Christians were oppressed by a tyrannical world government in the Roman Empire.

While the Catholic Church does predict an end to the world, it’s not so much an Armageddon as a Judgement Day. In fact in the gospels Christ himself says that His return will be wholly unexpected and thus that Christians should live as though it could be tomorrow. If there were going to be specific and dramatic events preceding Christ’s return then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

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