Is /The Fathers Know Best/ a Good Gift?

I ask this not to plug the already heavily-plugged book by Jimmy Akin but because I want to know, from people who have read it, if it is a book written from an explicitly Catholic perspective. Far more useful as a gift, I think, would be a study of what the Church fathers say from a neutral perspective, with as little input from the author as possible, to let them speak for themselves.

Before I buy the book, I want to know if a non-Catholic reading it will be more impressed that the fathers are so Catholic or more disgusted that the author is.

I have not read it yet, but Jimmy Aiken is a convert, so I assume he knew how to reach all audiences.

I have been wanting the book, so I clicked on the top of the Catholic Answers page on Jimmy’s blog, turns out if you donate $50 to Catholic Answers you get a free autographed book. Double blessing.

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