Is "The Fatima Network" a good web site?


I was e-mailed a link to a web site calling itself The Fatima Network. When I logged on, it was broadcasting hour-long live lectures from the supposed “2007 Bishops’ Conference” in Brazil. Some of the lectures appeared interesting and I listened to one of them and it seemed okay, but clicking around the site afterwards I came across a statement that indicated that Fr. Nicholas Gruner was in dispute with the Vatican and refuting the claim that he was under threat of excommunication. Can anyone please tell me if this is a site I should be avoiding? I had already signed up for its newsletter before alarm bells rang. I’m really worried now.


I cannot recommend The Fatima Network or the work of Fr. Nicholas Gruner, who is a Canadian priest who has had his faculties to celebrate the sacraments suspended (source, more information). If you are interested in learning more about Our Lady of Fatima and the revelations she gave in 1917, I recommend the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima.

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