Is the First Amendment in Jeopardy?

Is the First Amendment in Jeopardy?

By Daniel Huff
Published July 06, 2010

" … it is hard to believe that free speech, the pillar of American democracy, could be in any actual jeopardy from U.N. treaties banning “hate speech” or recent efforts to proscribe what is being called “defamation of religions.” This complacency is reinforced because the U.S. government has always reserved the right to ignore any treaty provisions inconsistent with the First Amendment.

The problem is international law and the First Amendment are not independent issues."

“… the administration wants to work with the Organization of Islamic Countries. Indeed, the cooperation has already begun. In September 2009, the United States “surprised” many in the Human Rights community by co-sponsoring a resolution with Egypt that condemned “negative religious stereotyping,” “incitement to discrimination,” and the “promotion by certain media of false images and negative stereotypes.” News sources quoted American diplomats saying the measure was part of the Obama administration’s “effort to reach out to Muslim countries.”

“…it is critical that the U.S. government resist the temptation to support these initiatives at the outset.”

Within months after he took his oath for office, Obama reached out to Muslims in the U.S. (with appointments of Muslims as White House advisers) and onward and outward to Muslim nations in the world.

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