Is the Holy Spirit the love between Father and Son?


The Father begot the Son from all eternity. The Father loves the Son and the Son loves the Father. That is two, so who is the Holy Spirit? Surely the Love between them.

What do you think?


I am thinking that since God is love that all three members of the trinity are love. That having been said the Holy Spirit is as much a person as the other two. He is a person generated by the intense love that exists between Father and Son. I suspect he is also consubstantial with them as well.


The Love between the Father and the Son is so intense that it is a Person. That is often how the Spirit is described.


I know that is how the Spirit is described in many explainations, but I don’t know if this would make a difference on a Jehovah Witness. They would say that the Love is then another person making a fourth person or that if the Love is so intense why is the father not the love instead of the Spirit. This is the problem of a verbal construct to define something that is so much above us that it defies natural explainations. This Mystery is so complex that I sometimes fear to even try to put any kind of explaination to it.


I was born due to the great love of my father and my mother. That could help me understand about the Trinity.


The Love is the Spirit. I’m saying that the Intense Love was so Intense that it was a Person. Love=Spirit.

If they say the father is love and not the Spirit, just say that the Father Is Love, because God is Love…but the Love between the Son and the Father is distinct from the complete Love of God.

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