Is the 'Joshua' series Catholic?

What am I supposed to think as a Catholic about the “Joshua” series by Fr. Joseph Girzone? Is it acceptable by our Holy Father?

While Church authorities, either on a national (U.S.) or universal (Vatican) level will sometimes caution the faithful about a particular book, especially if that book is doctrinally problematic (e.g., by Fr. Richard McBrien***Catholicism***; U.S. bishops) or is popularly considered to “complete” the Gospels (e.g., by Maria Valtorta***Poem of the Man-God***; Holy See), the Church usually leaves book reviews to the popular press and trusts the discernment of individual Catholics. In the case of Joshua by Fr. Joseph F. Girzone, I am unaware of any “official” cautions against the series. For a review by Fr. Brian Wilson, L.C., click here (scroll to third question).

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