Is the Lilith being Adam's first wife true or is it just fake?


Hi, I would like to know if Lilith being Adam’s first wife is true or fake?



Check the county records



It is a folk legend, not part of the teaching of the Church.



I understand it as folklore.

The TV show Trueblood had several references to it (I think).

Netflix’s “Sabrina” did too. But I don’t suggest anyone watch that show. I think it fair to say that show isn’t Catholic friendly at all.

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Shows like True Blood and Supernatural have had characters with the name Lilith, but they weren’t depicted as Adam’s first wife. In the former she was the “Proto” vampire and in the latter the “proto” demon.
I believe there is a reference to Lilith in the Old Testament, but typically thought to be a demon.



I liked Lilith Sternin-Crane from Cheers and Frasier

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I have a professor at college that said that Sarah was Adam’s first BEFORE Eve was even created and he said Sarah argued too much with Adam so she was destroyed and Eve was created.

This is clearly not in the Bible so what is he referring to? Is this similar to your Lilith question?



It sounds like that professor is not familiar with the Bible.

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