Is the mainstream media slanted towards the left?

I have heard many people, including myself, say that the mainstream media is slanted towards the left. I honestly believe it is. But what evidence do we have of this? Also, I am speaking of the mainstream media in the United States.

I believe it is heavily slanted simply based on what we are told to accept. We are sometimes seen as closed mined if we don’t accept the mainstream view.


Almost every form of our media is slanted to the left, whether it be outwardly political or just agenda driven.

I agree with you. I also believe it is heavily slanted towards the left.

most of the major news networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MS-]DNC/-]NBC) ARE Slanted to the Left; Fox tries to be at least a little more balanced by having views from both sides. If I were to choose a new station I trust, for instance **if I wanted coverage for the March for Life **(other than EWTN that is) I would choose Fox. The other stations are *clueless *about why so many people gather in Washington D.C. every year in January when its NOT an inauguration year.

I completely agree.

That said, I am just grateful that there are news organizations out there such as Fox News, Life Site News, EWTN News, and other organizations that are committed to telling the truth, or at least try to tell the truth.

It seems like a lot of the mainstream media is nothing more than propaganda. It makes me wonder if relativism isn’t a problem when it comes to the mainstream media.

I’m thinking waaaay back here, before the primaries. How come Herman Cain was attacked so badly for doing no worse than Slick Willy Clinton? Cain didn’t live his life worrying about getting elected to office, so of course there’s going to be something. Everybody’s got something they’d rather not publicize. BUT here’s something the Left can’t stand - a self-made Black Republican. So they attacked him.

Just a few weeks ago, at the debates, the moderators were far from neutral.

Really? It’s been long known that it is.

“Slanted” is an understatement.

Is the mainstream media slanted towards the Left? Slanted is not a strong enough word. How about, bent over backward? The news is selective and protective of the political left and even the entertainment programs provide a nearly continuous drum-beat of secular-humanist attitudes. Situation comedies have become “immorality plays”. It’s as if the entire mission of such media is to change the character of the population through mass psychology. It is the Zeitgeist as an evil spirit.


I’m kind of curious about this myself.

We can prove that the mainstream media leans toward the left by their actions, and what they fail to report entirely.

Have you noticed that the media has scrupulously protected Obama for the past 4 years? There are many, many things that he has done, that if Bush had done them, the media would have ripped him to shreds over it; but Obama seems to be immune.

Why didn’t they hit him hard for his performance in the first debate? They only expressed disappointment.

Why didn’t they hit him hard for his lies on Benghazi?

Why didn’t they hit him hard for the declining employment rate?

Why didn’t they hit him hard for countless other mistakes, such as not putting his hand on his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance, (actually happened once) making unconstitutional mandates, and saying he had visited all 57 states? (during the 2008 campaign trail)

The liberal, mainstream media… has a *slight *slant to the left.

Is the MSM leftist? Is the Pope Catholic?

Take a look at the Newsbusters website. A dozen articles a day about the slant to the media.

Take a look at what gets coverage and what doesn’t. As someone mentioned, March for Life gets NO COVERAGE. And yet 8 radical lefties hold up signs and we have dozens of articles and tv segments on the “massive demonstrations” against conservatives.

Until you take the red pill, and wake up from the Matrix, you won’t really see how bad it is. A fish doesn’t know it’s wet.

Yes, indeed.


Ya’ darn skippy it is!!

Hmmmmmmmmm that didn’t come out right. I placed the letters at a slant yet they came out left margin.

Oh well.:shrug:

Well the mainstream media is liberal, but that is a good thing. Liberal in media means that it allows the publication of various views on a subject. Say for example a nation wants to go to war the liberal media will publish the the pro-war side and the anti-war side of the issues. A conservative media would just publish the side that the editor(s) favor. So maybe a left leaning publisher is against the war they would only publish the anti-war side and a right leaning publisher would only publish the pro-war side.

You see this now with the internet Blog sites only publishing their views on a topic and comments reenforcing the readers confirmation bias. If a reader visits a pro and an anti publisher site to review an issue they will be better informed as long as they have developed critical thinking skills to sort out the issue. If a person just reads articles to confirm their bias then they will not have a balanced view of a subject.

The best thing a reader or viewer can do is obtain all sides of an issue and make an informed decision pro or con about a topic.

My 2 cents.

Chrish, are you saying that the mainstream media has no bias, that they never hide the other side of an issue??




Oh, I see what I did wrong. :slight_smile:

Just look at the tv shows that are now being broadcast “The New Nomal”. It was a special on tv that mentioned this show and was discussing it like its the “In” thing.

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