Is the Mass valid w/o Confiteor and Creed?

On Palm Sunday my wife and I were out of town.
We went to a Catholic church in an affluent area.
The first thing we noticed was there were no pews and kneelers.
We thought we had stumbled on a Protestant church.
i asked if they kneeled during mass and was told no.
They stood during the consecration and during communion.
The preist also eliminated " I confess to almighty God…"
and our profession of faith. Is this blatant liturgical abuse?
Or am I being to sensitve?
Does this behavior have any affect on the validity of the

Dear John,

In Europe it is common to find chairs instead of pews. There are no laws requiring pews. In some places the faithful sit on the floor. There are also no laws requiring kneelers in church, but there are laws requiring the faithful to kneel during certain parts of the Mass.

In certain circumstances, the penitential rite can be pre-empted. Palm Sunday is one such occasion because of the procession that precedes the Mass.

On Easter Sunday the Creed (Profession of Faith) is replaced by the renewal of baptismal promises. But on Palm Sunday it should have been recited. The consecration, however, was still valid.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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