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I’m curious to know… Is the Mass a “sacrificial offering”, a “celebration”, or both?

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not quite. It is a celebration, but not technically a sacrificial offering… that implies NEW sacrifice. We must be careful to detail that the Mass is a presentation of CHRIST’s sacrifice and not it’s OWN sacrificial offering.


the Mass is meal, the last supper; the Mass is sacrifice, the sacrifice of calvary; the Mass is celebration, the celebration of the Resurrection as every Sunday is a new Easter; the Eucharist is a thanks-giving, that is the literal Greek meaning of the Word. To diminish or ignore any of these meanings or aspects in teaching the Mass is to transmit incomplete teaching.


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I don’t know if this is correct, Promethius. Yes, the Mass is not a new sacrifice, but it does make present again the very real sacrifice of Calvary and so, truly is a bonafide sacrifice. What is present to us is a sacrifice.

I think I know what you’re getting at - i.e. no separate sacrifice - but to say the Mass is not a sacrificial offering is, I believe, not correct.


I am hearing Father Corapi in my head… it is a representation of the one and only sacrifice of Jesus Christ , made present to through time and space…

Christ is eternal. He is without time. His actions, even those during His life on earth are TIMELESS. The same yesterday, today, and forever.

So we enter into the one and only sacrifice of Jesus at every Mass. :gopray2:

Here is a related issueI have, though, the Eucharist is Jesus’s glorified body, the one in Heaven, right? So, as our offering is a sacrifice, would that not be Christ’s body on Calvery? This has always confused me. “This is my Body which will be given”. Given on the cross, or in Heaven. Any insights?


I think we’re on the same page, and perhaps i should have been more clear in my clarification. The mass is not A sacrificial offering by the priest, it is THE Sacrificial Offering by the High Priest of the Catholic Church (Jesus, for our protestant friends.)


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WRONG!!!. The Mass in the past was always referred to as "The Sacrifice of the Mass’ never a “Celebration”. That was a Vatican 2 reform to cater to protestants!.:thumbsup:


Would you please specify the documentation that it was to cater to the Protestants? Or are you just not old enough to remember that prior to Vatican 2, the priest celebrated Mass?


Watch and learn.


Another lesson


That is one of the more hilarious misuses of logic that I have had the delight to listen to. Because the Protestant reformers used vernacular in the 16th century, that means that the changes at Vatican 2 was a protestantizing of the Mass? What a complete hoot! Send that guy back to Sacraments 101!


OK, so now we will send him back to Sacraments 102! You slay me!

Both you and he have obvioulsy not read the Fathers of the Church. This is not even worthy of discussion.


Are you a priest?.


The Sacrifice of the Mass
This is the SSPX, which he is a part of.


Yes I have read some of the Early Church Fathers, and I do attend the Holy Orthodox Church. One of my favorites is St. John Chysostom, along with St. Ephraim the Syrian .

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