Is the media pushing humility?

It seems to me that pride is on a decease and humility is on the rise.

“Humility is the true mark of genius. Just get used to it.”


Absolutely not. Indeed, “the media” is pushing quite the opposite of humility. It is attempting to teach our children that they are stars, that they can be on TV simply for being pretty, and that the world revolves around their early sexualization. This is not humility.

I don’t know about the media, but I think alot of people in society are pushing false humility. (in other words, intentional mediocrity) This is especially common in women. The worst thing a woman can be accused of is “thinking she is better than everyone else”. Girls are discouraged at a young age from looking different than their friends, being smarter, working harder, or even showing passion for anything. No one wants to be the “know-it-all”, the “show off”, or the one who thinks she’s “all that.” I think men experience this to a lesser extent, but they also don’t want to appear like a nerd by being smarter than their friends or becoming passionate about something.

If you ask me they pedal fear, death and bad news…poison, and there own version of it, which is usually a spin on the truth. Course between breaks you get to watch a save the animals commercial with fluffy being abused.

Dirty Laundry is what they push.

And you arrived at this based on? I agree that humility is what we need, but I don’t agree that it’s on the rise.

Please direct me to the channel you are watching, because I don’t see it.

Well, so much for my theory that the world is becoming more humble, but I have great faith that some day the world will indeed become humble, as a precursor to becoming religious.

The Catholic media (Catholic Answers on the radio) is.

Maybe some people can learn from mistakes or something? There probably are good people in the media but, many of the good ones I have noticed are currently in the “new” media.
Many Journalist, reporters, etc… Probably Are good people and try to be (from what they “know” ) good examples.
Other than that sadly many are either told to act like Pharisees or choose to unfortunately.

“journalism consists of saying ‘lord jones is dead’ to people who never knew lord jones was alive”*

  • G.K. Chesterton

God bless

It seems to me that perhaps at least 80% of the media - TV, Radio, Print, Entertainiment - is pushing sin in a false sense of advancing Freedom.

Total freedom is chaos. Blessed Pope John Paul II said he was not against freedom, but for the good use of freedom.

I see no media effort to advance humility by trying to push the teachings of Jesus Christ out of polite society.

History does teach us that once proud societies abandoned traditional values and were eventually brought down one way or the other and were greatly humbled in process. If we loose it, are brought down and humbled, perhaps many will then see that we need to regain our proper relationship with Christ.

It’s difficult to say. I will consider music- in the 80’s, rock stars had big hair, could play guitar like gods, and wore tight leather trousers (e.g. Poison, Motley Crue, Yngwie Malmsteen). Now, rock ‘stars’ shuffle along aimlessly, play their instruments like they have broken hands, and dress like glue-sniffers.

Yes, in music pride seems to have gone. Which is seems something of a shame…

Au contraire!

The media seems to believe that arrogance and rudeness are virtues.

For example, see “Bridezillas”


I think quite the opposite. There are so many reality dt shows that have come up that embrace pride and self individualism. I mean if you look at shows that have come up, like the Jersey Shore, keeping up with the Kardashians and much more.

I guess it depends on the T.V. station that you are watching but atleast on channels like MTV this is the opposite.

I have seen a lot of these shows avocating self centerness

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