Is the movie GHOST a Catholic movie?

just wondering…

No. It’s a typical Hollywood movie. Contacting the dead through mediums is against the teaching of the Catholic church.

So is cohabitating (I believe the characters played by Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore are NOT married.)

But, i think the depiction of how the demons come and take away the “damned” was pretty interesting. how they were depicted as shadows.

I liked Patrick Swayze, I thought he was a good actor. Hope he rests in peace. :frowning:

The movie isn’t Catholic in nature (although some actresses dressed as nuns appear), but for cinematic purposes is entertaining.

Here is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops movie review:

Ghost – The ghost of a murdered young banker (Patrick Swayze) uses a phony spiritualist (Whoopi Goldberg) to warn his lover (Demi Moore) that she too is in deadly peril until he can discover why he was killed and stop those responsible. Director Jerry Zucker’s offbeat but uneven blend of fantasy, horror and comedy is an engagingly sentimental thriller plump with quirky characters and edgy performances. Some grisly violence, acceptance of premarital sex and occasional profanity. (A-III) (PG-13) ( 1990 )

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