Is the movie "Gladiator" okay to watch?

I’m just wondering if the “Gladiator” is okay for Catholics? (Like does it have objectionable stuff the ratings doesn’t mention?) I’ve heard about it, and it sounds good, but I haven’t watched it. (The soundtrack is awesome though)

Its a great movie and there is no reason not to watch it.

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Depends on what you mean by “objectionable.”

It’s definitely violent.

Here’s a review from a deacon: He says in regard to the content: “CAVEAT SPECTATOR
Bloody violence and gore; a scene of warfare and several arena combat scenes; incestuous themes.” I only vaguely remember the latter, there wasn’t any explicit content that I can recall.

I’m a bit more positive on the film than he is, but I’m also not a critic for a living. :wink:


Poor old russel


It’s violent, of course; not for the children. But I think it’s an excellent movie.

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From what I remember – it’s been several years since I last watched it – there’s no more violence in this movie than you would expect in a picture about gladiators. The title says it all. As for the incest, the young emperor Commodus (the villain in the tale) is shown hitting on several female characters, including his own sister. I’m pretty sure there are no sex scenes, but as I said, it’s been a long time.

Thanks for your helpful reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s been what 18 years and where you’ve been doing since? Disney movies?

No, I love Disney movies, but I also like action and I’m okay with violence, but I just wanted to know if there was any garbage in the film, like sex.

The closest thing is POTC movies but then again you may not like Johnny Depp.


It’s ok for Catholics, for mature audience, if that’s your cup of tea, as there’s good amount of violence.

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Yeah it’s tame compared to famous HBO series, Rome.

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I’ve heard of the POTC movies, but haven’t really watched them. I haven’t seen Johnny Depp in much, but I think he’s a really talented, funny actor.

Whether or not “Gladiator” is okay for Catholics to watch is up to the individual Catholic to decide for himself/herself. Same with Protestants. We are all individuals with our likes and dislikes. The C/church we each attend shouldn’t be a factor in our viewing habits.

My only dislike is musical genre that’s all.

Yeah, but it’s still helpful to know what others of your same Faith thought about it.

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