Is the National Catholic Reporter an honest News Source?

It was brought up in another topic and so I wanted to get the opinion of others on this.

In the process of Converting to the Catholic Church, every single Catholic I have met and knows about the National Catholic Reporter has told me to stay away from that website because they are at odds with Church teaching, claiming that they slant articles with a progressive spin; pro-abortion, pro-birth control, pro-gay rights, etc.

I am now being scolded by other members because I refuse to accept articles from it as a truthful source on which to base opinions.

Is National Catholic Reporter an honest news source?

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The only one that is even close to being credible that I know of there is John Allen.

I think that if they report on a news item they are probably as honest as anyone.

Overall they are of a more liberal slant than some other newspapers in terms of their columnists and editorial positions. But I think if they report that a certain action has taken place, it probably has.

If you can find the truth by reading between the lines. Even news stories can be slanted.

True. I tend to think of LifeSite News as falling into that category, but I suppose NCR and others do as well.

Have any of you ever worked in the media? Have you ever tried to fairly represent a difficult subject?
I have to say that I suspect the answer is no.
You may not like what comes out, but it is the best that the particular reporter could do at the moment.
This MSM notion is, IMHO, just another worthless talking point.


The National Catholic Reporter tends to be very liberal and often at odds with Church teaching in its editorial positions. Its journalism is usually considered to be very good (although sometimes cherry picked). If you run into any controversial stories, look for a second source from a more conservative publication.

I also enjoy John Allen’s column in the National Catholic Reporter he gives an insight into the inner workings of the Vatican and the Magistarium that you really don’t see anywhere else.

I don’t think anyone mentioned there being a mainsteam media.

Honest? Yes. Unbiased? No. Fair? Not always. My only source of information? Not even close!

I’m a Liberal, but I very much enjoy reading conservative points of veiw. The NCR is a good periodical, but not without fault. I rely on other sources to get a different spin on the story.

Even if you don’t agree with what is contained in NCR, it is good to read it and know what others are thinking.


Yes, but for an undefined value of honest.

It is a good and honest news source. It is not the only one out there but it does have its place in the Church in that they bring up some very good things that really make you think deeply about issues.

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