Is the Navarre New


I don’t know how else to put it :hmmm:
But is it informative and useful?

I do not know if I want to purchase the 12-volume New Testament set or the one-volume set. The twelve volume set is far more expensive, but I’d rather have it since it has extensive explanations that could be useful.

So, for those who have either of these, how are they - in usefulness? informative? worth the price?
Could anyone give me their opinions on these two?

For those who may not have these particular study bibles[sets], but still have a study bible, any advice?

If needed, here are what they look like:


Any recommendations? I want to start studying the Bible (or at least the New Testament). But if the twelve set gets* too *detail-y :whacky: I wouldn’t want it - and waste that much money!



If you can afford it I would go with the 12 volume set. If you can’t the smaller set might be good, but I don’t think you’ll be as happy as you would be will the full 12 volume set.

As far as I know the Navarre is highly prized, probably more so than any other Catholic Study Bible that I know of.

Good Luck!



No, it’s not Good!!! It’s Great!!!

But, by the 3 volume hardbound set -
1: Navarre: Gospel and Acts
2: Navarre: St. Paul’s Epistles
3: Revelation, Hebrews, and Catholic Letters.

You won’t be sorry!


My only caveat to the Navarre is that its footnotes are topheavy with sayings from St. Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei. While he was a saintly man and a great one to have founded such a movement–still, I have never found his writings deep, at least not compared with Aquinas, Augustine, even compared to the beautiful Catechism of the Council of Trent

What about the affordable Catholic study bible being published incrementally out of Ignatius Press by Scott Hahn and others? Each study is a handy booklet size, in heavy paperback, and eventually they’ll complete the whole bible. Lots and lots of footnotes, cross references, side-studies.


I actually prefer to use both at the same time - reading a few chapters with commentary in one, then re-reading them in the other, then reading the entire Gospel/Epistle without any commentary.


wow. This is me crawling away…


**Well TOO Late now.

I bought the expensive 12 set, so I hope it’s good!**



Don’t crawl away. It just takes me that long to understand…


You definitely won’t regret it. I’m currently working my way through the 5th volume in the OT


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