Is the NBA now the Jeremy Lin show?

I’m a big sports fan but not so much a basketball fan although I do tend to look at a couple Basketball games, specifically the NBA playoffs and March Madness.

Now I am probably behind with basketball news, but seriously, can someone please enlighten me of his whereabouts? Every time I look at the basketball news on ESPN, Jeremy Lin is on the front page.

His whereabouts is NYC. He plays for what many call "Lin's Knicks". I'm no hoophead, but I love this.

And apparently he's a NBA version of Tebow. He doesn't kneel in prayer after every game, but I heard his post-NBA plans involve becoming a Pastor (yes, he's a devout Protestant)

I had never heard of him until yesterday, when NPR ran one story and one commentary about him.

The news story is that Lin is claimed by the Taiwanese as theirs, despite being born and raised in the US.

The commentary is that Lin is a stand out, in part, because he is counter to basketball’s normal practices. And that he nearly was overlooked because of it.

But none of the geniuses — not one scout, one coach, one general manager — could see what everyone sees now when it’s fashionable. None of the people paid to envision, could envision. Obviously, some of it was simply that Lin wasn’t the right heritage. No, I’m not saying basketball people are prejudiced against Asian-Americans. It’s just the usual common stupidity of stereotyping. It wasn’t just a matter of race. Scouts tend to be uncomfortable with anything different.

Now it’s wonderful for Jeremy Lin that he finally got his chance. It’s wonderful for fans that we got a lovely surprise. It’s wonderful for Asian-Americans that they’ve got a new athletic hero. It’s even wonderful for the Knicks, who don’t deserve it, because their owner is the biggest creep in professional sports.

But what is so disappointing is that Lin finally was given his opportunity only because about a half-dozen weird happenstances happened to occur — the owners’ lockout, salary-cap manipulations, trades that fell through, injuries and, at last, a coach’s sheer desperation. Talk about divine intervention.

And yet the Mavs are still the reigning champs…

I think part of it is the 'reputation' the NBA has gotten over the last couple of years. There is no stand-out like Jordan was. This is what the NBA just might need to regain interest. Hopefully they do some act clean-up on the way.

Except that the NBA is more popular now than it has been in the last 15 years. There are more genuine superstars playing basketball for more contending teams than at any point in recent memory. Jeremy Lin is good for the league, but it's in no way a league that needs saving.

Plus, the Knicks are still a hated franchise for many people. Hue Hollins will not be redeemed.

It’s my understanding that he’s been cut from several teams and ala Kurt Warner, he’s making every bit of his chance.

The attraction of the story is how all different oddball things had to happen in order for him to get a shot. When he got it, he made it count. I keep waiting for the bubble to pop but instead it keeps getting bigger.

That three pointer at the end of the Toronto game was incredible. It was further enhanced by the fact that the world was watching him so closely.

I'm Knick fan. I hope it lasts right through the palyoffs :thumbsup:

The Knicks won't win the title no matter what Lin does. Its how predictable the NBA is. I guess how the sport is played and the format of the playoffs ensure that the team with the best players and the best system win the championship. That is why repeat winners are common in the NBA. In the 80s the Lakers won 5 titles, the Bulls won 6 titles in the 90s, in the 2000s, the Lakers again with 5. Barring major injuries to their superstar players, a team that keeps it championship group intact can remain winning the title year after year. Its the only sport where one player can dominate the ball, forget the concept of team play, and win. That won't happen with football, because as great a quarterback is, he needs good runners and receivers, he needs good protection, and because of the low scoring nature of the sport, you need at least a decent defense to complement your offense. And each player plays a specific role unlike basketball where someone like Lebron James who has the height and strength can play all 5 positions (similar to Magic Johnson). Also basketball is the only team sport where one player can remain on the court for the entire game barring any penalty from fouls, technical fouls, or ejection. In hockey you need to constantly revolve your shifts otherwise you'll drain your guys of their energy.

I mean, Lin is a great story and inspiring. But being realistic here, barring a major injury, the Heat, Thunder, or Bulls will be champs. I won't even give the Lakers a chance because of their paper thin bench. They have a strong starting 5 but they will fade in the playoffs. Although perhaps the shortened season might mean they are not as weary by June as a full season, we'll see. But I just think they are too thin on the bench.

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The Knicks won't win the title no matter what Lin does. Its how predictable the NBA is. I guess how the sport is played and the format of the playoffs ensure that the team with the best players and the best system win the championship.


On paper I would say the best team last year was Miami. They lost to Dallas. I was a bit turned off when the Knicks played Houston for the Championship years ago and they were called for a foul every three seconds. Years later we found out the referee was betting on the games.

I agree the best players usually win but it is by no means a done deal.

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