Is the new mass invalid or displeasing to God?

I have seen objections somewhere that the New Mass is either invalid or displeasing to God since it teaches heretical doctrine, mistranslates the words of consecration, and offends God by changing traditions. Is it true and will going to the New Mass fulfill Sunday obligation?

It is completely untrue that the Mass of Paul VI is in any way heretical.

The Church has complete authority to structure the Mass and determine the language(s) used for Mass.

To say otherwise is to deny the authority of the Pope or the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Up until the Council of Trent there were many “versions” of the Mass. In fact, Pope St. Pius V permitted any ritual of the Mass older than 200 years to continue alongside the Tridentine Mass. So even after the promulgation of the Roman Rite of 1570 there continued other forms of the Mass. And, in addition, there were several revisions of the Roman Rite up until the Second Vatican Council.

Matters of doctrine are unchanging and universal. Clearly the exact form the Mass has been neither throughout the history of the Church. Therefore this is not a matter of doctrine but discipline and as such no Pope can be bound by a previous Pope.

Council of Trent (session XXI, chapter 2):

It declares furthermore, that in the dispensation of the sacraments, the Church may, according to circumstances, times and places, determine or change whatever she may judge most expedient for the benefit of those receiving them or for the veneration of the sacraments; and this power has always been hers…

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