Is the "News" Section being eliminated?

Is the “News” Section being eliminated?

I realize that it gets contentious and for some, uncomfortable at times, and those who hate conflict and debate are concerned that the thread is hurtful to their soul and their faith.

I would say that those folks should avoid the News–any news! Nowadays, it’s ALL controversial! The U.S. is split fairly evenly between liberals and conservatives, and Catholics seem to be split along the same lines–and THAT"S OK! That’s what the U.S.A is all about–freedom of thought, speech, religion, assembly, etc.

As far as I’m concerned, the lively discussions on CAF are the best possible way to examine various issues in the news and arrive at a conclusion that is in keeping with the Catholic Church and also practical for our daily lives. I don’t get put off by the back and forth between liberal and conservative CAF members–I benefit from reading opinions that are different than mine!

And here’s the Big Thing–I cannot GET this kind of discussion in my real life! It’s not going to happen at church–heavens, no! Church is for worship, Holy Communion, Bible study, prayer, charitable works–not for lively political debate that has the potential to drive members and inquirers away from the parish.

And I certainly can’t get this kind of discussion at work–it’s actually banned. We are not supposed to bring up political or religious topics during breaks or anytime, and we can get written up if we do. I think many workplaces have policies along these lines.

My family is pretty much solidly conservative, so I don’t get a “liberal” point of view from them.

As for public gathering places like restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars, etc.–well, first of all, bars are not a wise place to bring up controversial subjects! As for the other places–sometimes people start chatting, especially if I’m there because I’m not shy! BUT…most people have their heads buried in their phones nowadays. Sigh.

I realize that CAF moderators have to make sure that political threads don’t get violent or threatening or mean-spirited. But I wish that they would at least allow the News Section to continue–because it’s the best place to get a balanced discussion, along with lots of links to study. Also, it’s a good place to check in and make sure that my opinion is really in line with Church teaching.

Please consider these points and please bring back the News Section in all its liveliness. And maybe post a “Caution” to people who get upset by controversy and debate.

Thank you!


Not that I’m aware of.

Hmmm… No place I’ve ever worked.


It still exists and hasn’t been removed. Scroll through the categories.

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It’s right where it’s always been . . .


Is there some reason you think it’s leaving?


You can bring it back. There seems to be a glitch in the system that occasionally mutes categories.

Screenshot from 2020-02-05 08-21-09

Go to your preferences page. Go to categories. See if any are muted. Unmute them, save changes and all should be ok.


What some see as debates, others see as endless party bickering.


I’ve muted several categories including World News and Catholic News. I might miss the occasional interesting news item and relevant discussion, but that’s a small price to pay for peace in my heart.

Besides, I can get the news elsewhere without the bickering.


A lot of categories aren’t showing up in various menu views depending on what device one is using to view. As much as I wish the News section would go poof sometimes, it’s still there.

If the News including World News is dropped, CAF would probably be less crowded and more civil…I would venture to say that at least a half of World News participants never discuss any other threads, unless they can connect to a political agenda, like Social Justice.


This has always bothered me too, but CA has apparently decided to allow it to continue.


Bothers me, too. There are a billion political boards out there and don’t understand why anyone would pick CAF to argue partisan politics.


Unfortunately Catholic Answers forum has become American Politics forum. On the main page to these forums it is saturating everything else. The day Is started here the top six threads were about American politics.

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All of the topics in my “News” section have been closed. ALL of them.

Does the management ever close threads just for certain members?

Do you have “Unread” selected by mistake? If you go in World News and click Latest you should see all the open threads, like all the Trump stuff.

I’m not aware of you acting up in News so I can’t imagine why yours would be specially closed.

Thanks, that must have been what was happening! I can see the topics now! Yay!

And I am serious when I say that I would rather discuss politics with Christian friends than watch it on a network or listen to a radio show that is obviously biased one way or another! New is not “secular”–Christians should view all “news” in the light of their faith. I like to hear how other Christians are interpreting the “news” and responding to it. It helps me to moderate my faith and make sure that I am not straying off the right path.

Wow, you’re lucky! I’ve been working in the same hospital for 29 years now, and there are bans on political or religious discussions in the workplace. And I know many other people who say that they aren’t allowed to talk about politics or religion in their workplaces.

Maybe because it’s Illinois?

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I have yet to witness a heart and mind converted to the (political) opposition, within the context of these types of discussions. One is more likely to witness the convertion of an atheist to Catholicism. If the goal is to mearly vent, then I suppose a purpose is served.

My goal is and always has been to learn.

I can still remember being pro-choice back when I was a young woman/young bride in the early 1980s. (Evangelical Protestant Christian). Then I started listening to Keith and Melody Green, who, along with Dr. James Dobson, seemed to be the only Evangelical Protestants sounding loud alarms about abortion and calling it just what it is–evil!

I read everything I could, and I tried to find arguments to oppose them, but in the end, I came to realize that they were right about abortion!

Same thing for Republican/Libertarianism vs. Democratic–I was born and raised in a solid Democratic home! I think it had its origins in the Great Depression and President Franklin Roosevelt’s compassionate handling of the poverty, starvation, and desperation of hard-working people who had lost their livelihoods (e.g., my grandparents on both sides!).

I grew up believing that government was The Answer to poverty, racism, women’s issues, the economy, etc.

And then I met my future husband, whose family was solidly Republican/Libertarian. The grandparents had also suffered through the Great Depression, but they came out of it believing in bootstraps and self-reliance. My husband’s grandfather actually left home to eliminate the need for his parents to feed him, and he spent some years riding the rails doing odd jobs to earn his meals.

We argued and disagreed for years, and when Pres. Reagan was elected, I was convinced that we would be involved in WWIII within a year.

Instead, I watched the Iron Curtain come down.

And although I saw massive unemployment (25% in my hometown), I also saw massive economic growth in the city where my husband and I moved (Raleigh, North Carolina).

And I came to agree with my husband and Republicanism/Libertarianism–self-reliance with the federal government only doing what is spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. and most of government power residing with the sovereign states.

So yes, debate is useful for learning, not just flapping our mouths.


By context, I meant social media outlets :slight_smile:

And it seems to be as they say… “If one is not a liberal as a youth, one has no heart. If one is not a conservative as an elder, one had no brain.”

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