Is the NKJV a Cathlic bible


Is the NKJV a Catholic Bible, as in does it have the 7 books that the Protestant Bible doesn’t?


It might have the Apocrypha.

A Catholic Bible has the Deuterocanonical books.

I don’t believe any version of the King James Bible is Catholic though as he was a Protestant. Even though his Mother was
Mary Queen of Scotts.


Any KJV is not a Catholic Bible. The KJV (King James Version) is Anglican (Protestant).


No. Popular Roman Catholic bibles (in English) are the NABRE and the NRSVCE. Or if you want a “classic” Catholic bible, the Douay-Rheims American edition. There are others, but these are the obvious choices if you’re looking for a Catholic bible in English.

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I don’t believe so, although, I believe the Orthodox study Bible uses text from it. I use, for my personal bible, RSV-CE 2nd edition (first edition is good, too), but use which ever one you want. A lot of people use RSV-CE, Fr. Mitch Pacwa does, I think Scott Hahn does too.


No, it isn’t. All KJV Bibles are Protestant.


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The NKJV isn’t Catholic in terms of being an approved or recommended version by the Church. You can probably find one (or order one) with the Apocryphal books, as they’ll be labeled, which seems to be your real question.

The presence of the deuterocanonical books alone doesn’t make a Bible version “Catholic”. The translation, notes, etc. are all part of the equation.


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