Is the ordinary Magisterium always infallible?


Is the ordinary Magisterium always infallible?


“Any doctrine proposed repeatedly by the Ordinary Magisterium is rated as infallible.

In fact, Pius XII added (Humani generis, Dec. 28, 1950. DS 3885): 20. Nor must it be thought that what is expounded in Encyclical Letters does not of itself demand consent, since in writing such Letters the Popes do not exercise the supreme power of their Teaching Authority. For these matters are taught with the ordinary teaching authority, of which it is true to say: “He who heareth you, heareth me”;[3] and generally what is expounded and inculcated in Encyclical Letters already for other reasons appertains to Catholic doctrine. But if the Supreme Pontiffs in their official documents purposely pass judgment on a matter up to that time under dispute, it is obvious that that matter, according to the mind and will of the same Pontiffs, cannot be any longer considered a question open to discussion amongtheologians.”

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