Is the Pope a Catholic

Benedict XVI I’m talking about, not Pope Michael or Pope Dave or any of the other [edited by Moderator] schismatic ones, just for clarification.

I know this came up on the sedevacantist thread(s) earlier, so I just wanted to see what the opinion of people here was.

How can a Pope not be a Catholic?

Of course Benedict XVI is Catholic.

A Catholic is someone in communion with the Pope. So Benedict XVI would seem to be excluded.

How could he be Catholic, but also an Anti-Pope? :confused:

I guess only he and God knows.:shrug:

First, Catholics are indeed in communion with the Pope–and with Christ and with their fellow Catholics, and with their fellow Christians to an extent and even to nonChristians in so far as all people are the children of God.

Second, you don’t think that Benedict (or for that matter any given person) is in communion with Christ and with himself as well? That doesn’t make much sense.

Third, one of the prerequisites of the Papacy is that the holder be a 'Baptized male". . .and even if Benedict had a valid “protestant” baptism that would be a matter of public record. For the record, the only recorded baptism of Benedict was Catholic.

Fourth, a person baptized Catholic is (according to many canon lawyers) always Catholic (and we have heard of no formal abjuring of the faith by Benedict).

I could go on but the preponderance of the evidence seems to be pretty heavily on the side of Pope Benedict being Catholic, doesn’t it?

The Pope dies and goes to heaven. St Peter shows him round.

He sees some people eating plates of haggis. “These are the Scottish” St Peter explains, “they were proud Presbyterians”, so in heaven they have to eat humble pie.
“What about the Welsh?” asks the Pope
"Oh," says St Peter they let the faith leak away. “So they spend their whole time eating leeks”.
“And the English”. St Peter sighs sadly and takes him to a hall full of people eating endless plates of beef. “They had a beef with the church, so now all they’ve got to eat is roast beef”.

“And what about about the Irish?” asks the Pope. St Peter shows him a restaurant filled with lobsters, caviar, nectarines, all sorts of wonderful food.
“Wow” says the Pope, “can I eat there too?”.
“No” says St Peter, “it’s for cafeteria Catholics”.

Ha, looks like the Pope is batting a thousand so far… 25 “yes”.

What a strange question, DL82. Why do you ask?

Just that, from some of the posts on threads about sedevacantists and whether Vatican II put the Pope into heresy, it looked as though there may have been some dissent.

Clearly not.:thumbsup:

Isn’t the rest of this joke, “Does a bear [beep] in the woods?”

Exactly what I thought when reading it. It’s usually used as a joke to state the obvious - “Is the pope Catholic?” The obvious answer is, Well, yeah, DUHHH!

Too bad this is not a public pole :rolleyes:

Pope Benedict XVI is the true Pope, Vicar of Christ on earth, picked by the Holy Ghost through the valid election by the college of Cardinals. All papal honor must be given to him becaude he is the true pope. Yes, he is Catholic. He may not be a extreme traditionalist, but he is indeed a true and valid Catholic.

Well, so far, it’s unanimous. :rolleyes:

The OP has gotta be joking, right? Is the Pope Catholic? :shrug:

Is the Pope a Catholic!? What a difficult question! Let me go look it up in my Bible.

The funny thing is, there were times in Church history when alot of Catholics would have taken this question more seriously…
We’ve had some popes that were not the best role models, to say the least.

One does not have to look too far in history.

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