Is the prophet Daniel a Jew or Gentile?


is the prophet daniel a jew or a gentile?
pg 25, paragraph 58 in the catechism calls Daniel a Gentile. the footnote referes to ezekial 14:14 wherin we find reference to Noah Daniel and Job as inadequate mediatris to save in the case for which the audience is being judged. Daniel 1:6 daniel is mentioned as being from the tribe of juda. although ezekial is found before daniel in the canon, the two prophets were contemporaries of each other and it is possible that daniel was known at the time of ezekial’s prophecy. there does’nt seem to be a need to speculate about another daniel unless that is what it will take to harmonize these two claims about daniel’s ethnicity.


The Hebrew rendition of Ezekiel 14:14 refers to “Danel” rather than “Daniel” so the reference is probably not to the central character of the Book of Daniel. You are correct that Daniel and Ezekiel were contemporaries, living in captivity in Babylon at the time they wrote these books. So the Hebrew Daniel would likely not have achieved the renown of Noah and Job at the time Ezekiel was living.


just to be thorough, how do we know danel was a gentile?


1. Daniel is the Jewish character in the book of that name

  1. The character mentioned in Ezekiel 14.14, 20 is usually taken to be a completely different character, in a Canaanite legend - for a discussion, see Who is Ezekiel’s Daniel ?

  2. The Jews include the Book of Daniel, not among the Prophets, but among the writings, FWIW


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