Is the Quality of Your EWTN Reception Good?

I’ve had some real problems in my area, suburban Detroit, MI in the past several years getting a good picture from my local cable station for EWTN.

It had nothing to do with my cable equipment, and I called the cable tv company, and they said no one else had complained.

The problem was just recently fixed though, say, in the last three months. Now I get a good picture.:slight_smile:

For several years I hardly had any picture (this goes back a year or two before JP II died). It looked almost like EWTN was being scrambled. It would come on for maybe two minutes, then go off for five, then back on. I couldn’t watch the programs. Sometime, if I was watching World Over Live, for instance, I’d turn the local Catholic radio station, WDEO, on in order to get sound.

On a certain VCR, if I recorded the programming, I could watch programs in black and white on the videotape. But that didn’t work with all VCRs.

:hmmm: Oddly, when JPII died, the picture and audio came in perfect for the funeral coverage, then by the time of Benedict XVI’s inaugral papal mass, the reception went bad again.:shrug:

The Catholic channel on Cable in my area is not EWTN per se; it’s called CTND (Catholic Television Network of Detroit) and is run by the Archdiocese of Detroit. It has mainly local AOD and a few EWTN (e.g., like the Mass; Rosary) programming during the day, then about 8:00 p.m. starts running EWTN programming.

Someone during the 25th Anniversary EWTN Celebrations said they had problems getting the reception somewhere in Arizona or Colorado.

Does anyone else have problems getting a good picture for EWTN in their area? Just curious.

Well, I don’t know if this helps because I live in Louisiana and have “Charter Cable”.

I have zero issues with EWTN here locally.

Direct TV. Only issues are when there is a really heavy (as in stormy) cloud/rain layer. Then we lose everything.

The house I am staying at right now, the guy does not have cable or dish or anything so he just uses rabbit ears and the reception for EWTN is fuzzy. You can still see okay, just ignore the fuzz.

It is like picturing Fr. Corapi talking in an snow storm and he does not even realize it. :smiley:

Yet over here in Baton Rouge the only way I can get EWTN is to subsribe to digital TV where they have EWTN linked in the Sports Tier. I don’t do sports.

I called COX and they said there weren’t enough people watching to keep it on extended basic cable. Right. In an area where 40% of the viewing public are Catholic.

I can’t prove anything but I have my suspicions.

That reminds me. If you don’t have EWTN TV or Radio, before you spend $$$ supporting Satellite Radio with all the garbage on that, you should buy a Short-Wave Radio.

You should be able to listen during the day, and around until 6:00p.m, at least in Michigan you can.

With a Short-Wave radio, it all depends on where you are on the globe and the stations change every 90 minutes or so because of the stratosphere.

I bought a cheap Short-wave Radio at Walgreen’s, called World Radio, for $20.00. However, it broke for no reason (poorly manufacured in China) after I had it for 2 months.

But try short-wave, if you don’t want to pay all that money and support all the garbage on Satellite. You should be able to pick up EWTN short-wave wherever you are.

They have them at Radio Shack probably for $50.00-$75.00 bucks.

And you can get both EWTN TV ( and EWTN radio stations on the Internet too.

WDEO Ann Arbor is a great Catholic Radio station.

Or you can watch EWTN over the internet. I just get so frustrated with the breaks in connectivity.

We have Dish, and EWTN is crystal clear!

I live in suburban Detroit. I don’t have any issues with EWTN or any other channel. I use WOW as my cable provider.

if it stops and tries to reconnect and continue, then try to increase the buffer size in the options section to help the lag.

I have AT+T U-Verse where I live, and most of the time I have no problems with the reception.Once in a while either the audio or video acts up, but not very often, thank God!

Ever since the government switched the broadcasting signal to HD, my local Detroit cable company moved EWTN to channel 393 and CTND to 398, and the reception for both stations is perfect on that one HD TV I own (if you have an analog TV with Cable, you can get neither EWTN nor CTND).

However, I didn’t realize had EWTN and CTND until about six months after the switch to HD because the channels for them are way up there.

I also get PBS Create Channel, which is PBS’s version of the Food and Travel networks, and it has a number of interesting programs without all the Liberal biased political programs on the local PBS station channel (although there still is a small element of that in some of the travel programs).

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