Is the Rosary a universal call?

I often see people advocating others to pray the rosary every day. It’s usually presented as if praying the rosary is a universal call for Catholics. I look in the Catechism, and it presents the rosary as a method of Marian devotion amongst many. It’s certainly a great devotional prayer.

I’m not sure it’s something for me daily, though. I pray it maybe once a week, but I tend to express my Marian devotion in other ways. I’m no stranger to St. Louis de Montfort, and maybe I’m just weird, but I can’t seem to make that connection with praying the rosary. Trust me, it’s been something I’ve tried for years. It really only “works” for me as a regular thing if it’s in a group.

Frankly, it winds up feeling like a guilt trip when I hear that. I’d rather go to Mass daily or have daily Eucharistic adoration than pray a rosary every day. (Sigh for incompatible schedules…) I’d rather read St. Louis de Montfort or St. Maximilian Kolbe or the bible than pray a rosary every day.

So, what level, really, is the obligation for “praying the rosary every day”?

No, you’re not. The Church does not require you to pray the Rosary at all, much less daily. Say it as often as you are comfortable saying it.

Zero. See above.


Today at mass the priest encouraged us to pray the rosary daily. As a family, as an individual or with your husband or wife. He said something like this, Mary is the mother of God, she was conceived without sin and she never sinned. God gave Mary, in the assumption, the gift of going to heaven in body and soul. She wants to pray the rosary with us and take our prayers to God. He also said we were asked to pray, daily, the rosary for peace and the request was given to us by Our Lady of Fatima. This message was given to the three children at Fatima. There is no obligation, but having Mary ask us is enough for me :blush:

You’re NOT obligated to pray the Rosary


Plenty of people find a certain devotion helpful and fall into the trap of thinking that it’s how everyone should pray. Those people are missing the point. Same with people who insist things like confessing with a screen is more holy, or receiving on your tongue makes you a better Catholic. When in reality all of the rich options the church offers us can be deeply fruitful.


There isn’t an “obligation” for praying Rosary every day. The only people with an “obligation” to pray a certain prayer every day are priests and members of religious orders or other pious groups who have committed to praying a certain prayer daily, or X times a week.

The important thing is that you pray every day. If you don’t like the Rosary then pray something else consistently. LOTH or Divine Mercy or Scripture reading or read St. Louis de Montfort or whatever you like. Just be sure you pray something.

It’s not obligatory to pray the rosary, but it’s very good when we do it.


The rosary is not required for Catholics to pray.

There are literally hundreds of Marian devotions from the West and the East.

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