Is the Russian Orthodox Church doing anything about this? (Protestant persecution)

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OP, I think that you are seeing why there is so much persecution in Russia. They do not share our American ideas of free speech and freedom of religion.

Dronald, I’m curious about your question, tho…

If Russian Orthodox Church is doing anything about this >>> what did you mean, actually? That the Church is responsible of Protestant persecution? If yes, are you going to:

  1. Mock Orthodox Christians?
  2. Going to Ukraine to help Protestants there?

If you know who’s responsible (the Church or the government), what are you going to do, really?

Ideas of police shooting Black People on streets and getting away with it. Come on, USA was never bastion of freedom, just an illusion.

as in my opinion, the folks are afraid of the government, the country doesn’t have free speech and freedom of religion (by this I agree with PaulFromIowa’s comment)

While I’m not converting to either Orthodoxy or Catholicism, I have to say I appreciate the Catholic Church’s recognition of the validity of Trinitarian baptisms in non-Catholic churches, unlike the policy of some Orthodox which Proton is showing here.

While I won’t for a split second vouch for anything that Proton has said, especially vis a vie persecution of Protestants; the reason many Orthodox jurisdictions do not recognize Protestant baptisms is a little bit deeper than “we want to be mean to non-Orthodox Christians.”

You need to have apostolic succession to have baptism. With no apostolic priesthood there is no baptism. That means me, a regular Joe, can go, grab a kid, take it to the river and perform baptism. Oh wait, that doesn’t work.

How can you call Protestants heretics? They don’t even belong to the same church or denomination as you. It’s the same way how some Orthodox Christians would call us Catholics heretics even though there’s a split between us and we’ve gone our separate ways. From personal knowledge when someone is declared a heretic it’s while he or she is within own church, and not somewhere from outside. It just doesn’t make any sense. :shrug:

I’m assuming Eastern European Orthodox Christians don’t recognize any other denomination of Christianity other than their own, that’s why you call other non-Orthodox Christians heretics?

I don’t want to be mean, but heretics are those who disagree with the Church teachings and dogmas, and they cannot be within the Church, at least not for long. The Church has right to name any Christian or denomination heretical as long that individual or denomination claims to be Christian. The Church wont call Muslims or Budhists heretics, they are simply non-Christian. Just because someone is not baptized in the Orthodox Church, that doesn’t mean he is not spreading false teachings.

The very name of Orthodox Church excludes all others, that doesn’t mean Orthodox Church doesn’t recognize Apostolic succession in Rome and in Oriental Churches and Orthodox Church does long for unity, but with no compromise.

The difference is that when rogue cops do something bad our system of government works to correct the situation.

Per Crucem–I didn’t in any way imply that I thought it was a matter of “we want to be mean to non-Orthodox Christians”. I’m aware of their reasons; I stated what I did because I appreciate that the CC doesn’t follow the same line of reason.

IIRC, Baptists and Mennonites have been in the area since the 1850’s, so I wouldn’t assume this is a case of trying to “counter it early”.


There’s nothing I can really do for them.

Ask the Church to intervene to the Government.

Obviously an unchristian harm is being done to Protestants by kicking them out of their Church’s for simply being Protestant. The Orthodox Church should speak out on behalf of them.

They should proclaim that they disagree with the teachings, however any harm or threat to them is wrong; and they should not be left Churchless.

Can laymen baptise in an emergency?

First, i am sorry if my previous comment was rude, i was not aware of my rudeness because of my curiousity.

I really got the idea that the OC itself is scared of the government.

So far, i have been donating money of ukraine and sending clothes to romania , both via a Protestant church near by my house, but i did not know that the donation for ukraine is for those Protestants in ukraine who dont even have church. I only knew that it’s for the needy.

To answer Proton’s claim that Protestants are heretics:

The Orthodox Church in my country believes in one Trinity baptism. Those Roman Catholics and Protestants who convert to Orthodoxy are going to be chrismated, as they’re already baptized and none of us call Protestants and RC heretics!

The Catholic Church does, or at least used to, teach that Protestantism is a heresy. This site still does.

Let me guess, you are from the US.

So according to you only Aries is heretic and no one else. Poor Aries, not fair.


I live in Europe. Never been to the US. We don’t call them heretics because it’s just not good to tell evil things. I have to admit tho, that i am a convert because i no longer agreed with Protestant theology, and i have been struggling to choose between RC and OC.

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