Is the Solution to Today’s Ills in the Movements of the Past?

I posted this on my blog a couple of days ago, but only now decided to post it here:

Is the Solution to Today’s Ills in the Movements of the Past?

I am starting to come to the realization that the solution to society’s ills due to rampant Relativism, Materialism, Capitalism, Liberalism, and Socialism may lay in the Catholic movements of the past.

There have been a number of times where western civilization went astray or was in imminent danger of collapse. Some of these include the fall of Rome, the Black Death of the 14th century and the protestant revolt. It was the Catholic Church that either held civilization together or brought it back to the Truth. Even in other time where the circumstances were not that dire, the Catholic Church has been there to right the way when things have gotten off track.

Today’s situation is much like the time around the fall of the Roman Empire. Immorality was rampant and the “barbarians” were invading. Today it is a little different though. The “barbarians” are causing the immorality. Yes, I am calling the Relativists, Materialists, Capitalists, Liberals, and Socialists the “barbarians” of today’s world.

Now, back to the movements and how they may help. There have been many throughout the last 2,000 years and we must explore which one can do the most good today. When looking at the movement, we must not only look at the ones that were a resounding success, but ones that had little or no success and even those that were utter and complete failures. What did not work in the past, may work now.

Three that I am exploring right now are relatively new movements. They are the Catholic Workers, Catholic Land, and Distributism movements. I am exploring these since mainly related to the economic ills brought on my Capitalism, Socialism and Materialism. I truly believe that much, if not all the answers, to the economic destruction and injustices can be found in three movements.

As for the social decay brought on by all of the aforementioned, I am still searching for keys to solve those. Part of the solution probably can be found in the three movements, but I still see the need to look further.

The solution and/or solutions need to be found soon or a second “fall of Rome” is in the future.

Yes, a good solution might be to burn our proponents at the steak, and by burn I mean roast, for the stain of heresy runs deep…


we must live a life that reflects, ever so imperfectly, the life of Jesus!

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How did the Protestant Reformation nearly destroy civilization?

I would imagine the relationship between Calvinism and usury is what is being highlighted here, or perhaps the more general link between protestantism and capitalism. It is not something I understand all that well but I have come across it as I have sought to understand Catholic social teaching. My unread copy of Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism stares at me accusingly from the bookshelf.

More generally I have also been exploring two of the three movements you highlight. I am especially moved by Distributism. I am not sure how one goes about supporting these movements though.

The Distributist and Catholic Land movements were closely related. There is a small group of people that are exploring these two movements. I am one who would like to revive these in a physical sense sooner than later.

Out on my blog, there are links related to the Distributist Movement. I do not have any for the Catholic Land or Catholic Worker movements, but I hope to have those soon. The yahoo group listed is a members only group, you will have to join to see the discussions. I am there under the same name without the “_”.

In a fit of inspiration I have just ordered some light reading to really understand distributism. I have always wanted to get to grips with GK Chesterton, so I am really keen to get started. I have ordered the following-

The Servile State
The Party System (the one with the intro by Ron Paul)

The Outline of Sanity
What’s Wrong with the World?

In what order should these be approached?

I would start out with:

*]The Outline of Sanity
*]The Servile State
*]The Party System
After that, any order will do. There are a lot of good suggestions on reading material in the Database section over at: Distributism Forum on Yahoo (registration is required to view which I see you did already :onpatrol:). Some of the, though, will make your head feel like it is about to explode :eek:

Yes, I feel that the solution to today’s ills is in the movements of the past. For example, we could end pornography and artificial contraception by bringing back the old Comstock Laws.

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