Is the soul to blame?


The soul, if it goes to Hell, would seem to be severely and wrongly punished for the actions of the brain and the body of a human. How could the soul, the bodies life force, deserve punishment when it did not commit the sins that the body and mind did. Sounds like since the body and brain decay into dust someone decided that the only thing left, the soul would have to pay the piper.


We are soul and body together, they aren’t two separate things. This was actually a heresy in the early Church (late 300s I believe) and was addressed at multiple Councils and Synods.

Your question is thus suggesting a heretical line of thinking


So you say that the soul is unnecessarily punished for the sin committed by the body and mind.
Will you advance such a similar argument if you are caught here for a crime? -That I am not responsible for the crime which is committed by my body and mind,so leave me free!


The person goes to hell, taking his soul with him at first, and his body with him in the resurrection.

“I” go to heaven or hell, depending upon whether I succoured Jesus or not. My soul and my body are my servants doing what “I” move them to do, and so “I” am the one who takes them to heaven or hell, first my soul and then my body.

John Martin


Have you ever had the privilege of being with someone as they died? Watching the process as soul separates from body, and watching the process as the body slowly shuts down? (Hint-- it’s a process that’s a whole lot like childbirth.)

Once the soul is gone, and just the body is left behind, you realize that the important part of what made them “them” isn’t there anymore. The important part of “them” isn’t their brain or their synapses; the important part of them is the spirit part. But while we’re on earth, we’re soul-and-body together. After death, the two components separate. Eventually, we hope to have glorified bodies at some point in the distant future.

But the point is, I make decisions to live my life a certain way. Not, “My hand decides to shove someone who’s in my way” or “My foot decides to kick someone” or “My tongue decides to spread lies about someone I dislike.” I’m a whole, not a jumble of assorted components.

And so, to take it one step further, not only are we as individuals a whole, but we are connected in the Unity of Creation. And so, that’s one of the things we’re held accountable for---- the times when we harmed that Unity, either by active evil, or by failing to do good.

So just like things are connected through the Unity of Creation, which is kind of like all created things— everyone doing the jobs God gave them, even if it’s just ants or cows or whatever-- there’s also the Unity of the Body of Christ, which is a special kind of Unity. It helps to remember when Jesus was talking to Saul of Tarsus-- “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” he wasn’t saying, “Saul, Saul, why are you being a jerk to my followers?” Because Saul wasn’t just physically harming A, B, and C through his persecution— he was committing harm at a level he wasn’t aware of, due to that spiritual connectedness of the Body of Christ.


Human beings are a composite of an immortal and spiritual intellectual soul in which reside the spiritual powers of intellect and will and a body made out of matter. Accordingly, human actions proceed, as from their source and first principles, from the soul of the human person’s spiritual powers of intellect and will to the acts and movements of the body including the brain which are as instruments of the soul at the command of the will. For a hand that is used to commit a murder is not held morally responsible for the murder as a hand but as that hand is a part of the whole man and moved by his spiritual will. It is from human’s immortal spiritual soul and spiritual powers of intellect and free will wherein he/she is held accountable and is responsible for their actions done in the body and not from the body or brain as such otherwise brute animals with brains and bodies could be held morally accountable for their actions.


That’s like saying only my hand is to blame for stealing those cookies. The soul is not simply along for the ride but participates in the action of the body. The intellect and the will are powers of the soul and not the body as they exist apart from the body even after death. Without a rational soul humans would not have moral culpability and would be like the animals.


No, If I commit a crime it is my mind and body that committed it. They deserve the punishment. My soul seems to want to hang around and share the punishment. Why I don’t know. Perhaps evidence that the soul, mind, and body, are all somehow one, as long as the body is alive. Then again, the soul leaves the body when the body dies which would strongly suggest that the soul is separate from the body and is trapped in it during life.


A correct approach in the matter as held by many is this:
Your are your soul with or without your body.The present body relevant till your death.Remove some important parts of your body,eg,legs,hands,eyes,lungs…still you remain as you only which means body is not that important or inseparable component of you.After death and after resurrection we believe that we will get glorified bodies for our soul to live for ever in heaven but otherwise normal bodies to suffer in hell.


The soul is not just the body’s life force.
If I commit a mortal sin, it is my soul that makes the choice.


Rather than argue the settled point of unified body and soul, and rather than deny free will, why don’t you just admit that you refuse to believe any of it?

Maybe you would like to believe…What’s in the way?


The soul apparently stays with the body through all the possible suffering it endures throughout its life. This seems to be evidence that the soul, mind, and body, are all somehow one, as long as the body is alive. Then again, the soul immediately leaves the body when the body dies which would strongly suggest that the soul is separate from the body and is trapped in it during life. Could the soul leave the body when it was still alive? Some who are into soul travel think so. The fact that it leaves on death tells me it was always a separate part from the body.


Is-the-soul-to-blame? Answer: Our free will in the divine plan takes credit and blame for the good and bad.

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