Is the St. Benedict Medal Prayer allowed or not?


Or is it just for priests only? Its like a small exorcism prayer. I assume we are allowed to say it because of all the medals being distributed.


Allowed? Yes, of course it’s allowed. Only a priest can attach an exorcism to the medal.


I meant can we say it ourselves the words. After the priest blessed it.


No. Laity lack the facilities to exorcise.


You can recite the words if you want, I guess, but what efficacy it would have I’m not sure.


There’s a LOT to all the letters - as you can imagine.
C S P B = The Cross of The Holy Father Benedict.

( Printed in the cross)
May The Holy Cross be my Light
Let NOT the dragon be my guide.

(Printed outside the cross)
Begone Satan !
Suggest NOT - vain things - to me
The cup you offer me - is EVIL
Drink - that poison - yourself !


Anyone can wear the medal and while only certain trained priests can exorcise, we can all call upon the name of Jesus to exorcise. You can say “In the name of Jesus, the Son of the Living God, I call upon His Power to expel the darkness around me and let me see the light!”

This is calling upon Jesus as you also do in the St. Michael the Archangel prayer. So no, it is not an exorcism, but it is asking Jesus Christ to help us out which I believe is mentioned in the Gospels to do


My priest told me we shouldn’t be commanding spirits or speaking to demons like an exorcism. But we can ask for assistance like St. Michael the Archangel to cast evil out. I just wanted to know if the St. Benedict Medal was an exception due to its distribution.


There are many great Bible verses on this but one that sticks out to me is:

“And whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, “You are the Son of God.”” - Mark 3:11

The evil spirits know the name of Jesus. While we can’t perform an exorcism like I mentioned in my above post, we can call upon the name of Jesus.

Think about in confession, you can call upon the name of Jesus like so: “Father, I have committed the sins of pornography and masturbation and I call upon the name of Jesus to help me to fight lust.”

It’s this great power that the name of Jesus has. I love the St. Michael prayer, I say it sometimes 5-10 times a day (I get paranoid/scared at night by noises and I’m 20YO lol)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the medals, he is a St. for a reason and a good one! While you shouldn’t be using the medal and throwing holy water at people to exorcise them, just wearing the medal has great protective powers. It’s like wearing a Miraculous Medal, just wearing it has some powers that come with it.

But no, you don’t speak to demons that would be bad and a trick of the devil. If you feel you are tempted say in your mind or out loud “Jesus expel this temptation and any evil that is trying to attack me.” And then say the St. Michael prayer!


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