Is the title Christ-ian sometimes a misNomer?


If Christ insisted total acceptance of his teachings is compulsory, isn’t a Protestant calling himself Christian a misNomer?

  Wouldn't a Catholic be the only true Christian?

  For instance if I'm a US citizen, can I claim to be one if I won't come to it's defence or refuse to pay taxes, even though I accept 

the remainder of it’s obligations and precepts.



Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say anyone who calls themselves a Christian and yet refuses to follow some of Christ’s teachings would be a mis-nomer? There are far, far too many Catholics who pick and choose which rules to follow and which to ignore.

I think your words are rather inflammatory.


There are some mighty fine protestant Christians who do the name “Christian” more justice than many of us will ever do (just one example would be Archbishop Desmond Tutu).


I was thinking on the grounds of observable tenets alone, but yes good point.

I think your words are rather inflammatory.

The question wasn’t loaded. No one can predict how questions based on reason and logic will affect people.



It’s just a label put on followers of the Way by Antiochian non-believers.



A protestant would say the same thing as you do? Can’t you see that? They would say that you as a Catholic are not “saved” as they are.


That’s certainly not the case of the main protestant churches in the UK. But the Catholic and Protestant Churches in England appear to have much better relationships than appears the case in the US (but my impression is based solely on what I have read here and what I’ve heard on Catholic Answers).

In the UK we have a good “churches together” ecumenical framework which helps keep the relationship respectful:

Churches together in UK

Churches together in England


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