Is the universe infinite? And what's inside a black hole?

Nothing more to add bla bla bla

Please define “infinite”.

And what’s inside a black hole?

Daaa, no light and lots of heaviness and darkness.

Perhaps a hell on wheels.

The Universe resides within the body of a Cosmic Jellyfish. My heart is Black Hole.

We don’t know. We can only theorize, but can not prove. A theory is an educated guess. So I guess a black hole would be super, super compressed matter to be ejected from the other side of the black hole. Supposedly nothing(energy) is ever lost but transmutes into something else. We are not designed to find all the answers. We can only go so far and then we hit a wall. To think we will know or understand “The theory of Everything” would render us God-Like." If anyone comes up with a better conception please let me know as quickly as possible. I would like to know…up to a point. Peace.

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