Is the use of satanic imagery ok in music?


And by this I mean, specifically to heavy metal music, the music I love like the band “Iron Maiden” uses tons of satanic imagery and there are themes of cult like practices, but insists that they are not satanists.

Is it ok to listen to depictions of rituals and demonic possessions like : “666 the one for you and me, I’m coming back, I will return, I have the power to make you burn” ?

Thanks in advance.



I suggest that you spend some time every day, looking at a crucifix, reflecting on the suffering Jesus endured to free us from evil, and then thank Him. This is what you need to fill your head with—not images of the evil He suffered to free us from!

The blood He shed was real! Allow it to flush your psyche of all the filth you have been putting into it. And to answer you question more specifically: NO, it is NOT ok to listen to such depictions no matter how much you “love” such music!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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